Ethos Bright Eyes Zeaxanthin and Lutein Capsules

Ethos Bright Eyes Zeaxanthin & Lutein Capsules are a high-strength antioxidant which support the health of the optical lens as well as the retina.

Ethos Bright Eyes Capsules contain both zeaxanthin (5mg) and lutein (10mg). These capsules are the best way to ensure you are getting enough of these vital nutrients for improved vision if you have cataracts, glaucoma or AMD.

Bright Eyes AMD Capsules
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Bright Eyes AMD Capsules are the most advanced eye formulation ever developed.

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Your eyesight shouldn't be taken for granted. Of all the major human senses eyesight is the most highly sensitive and prized. Imagine not being able to read this. Ethos Health Products help fight against visual impairments such as Senile Cataracts, Glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in humans and pets.

Macular Degeneration (AMD, Age-related macular degeneration) is most common in many people over 50. It can appear as early as age 40. As life expectancy increases however, the disease is becoming a significant problem with thousands of people being diagnosed every year. Millions of older people can experience blurred and distorted vision from macular degeneration, which can put an end to activities such as reading, walking and driving. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects one in three people over the age of 75 and is the leading cause of irreversible blindness among many adults.

What is the Macula?
The macula allows your vision to clearly distinguish fine details. It is about the size of a pencil eraser and is the tiny yellowish area near the centre of the retina.

Dry Macular Degeneration
There are two kinds of macular degeneration, the dry type and the wet type. 90% of people develop the dry type. Small yellow spots called drusen form underneath the macula. Scientists are still not sure what will cause dry AMD. Studies suggest that an area of the retina can become diseased, leading to the slow breakdown of the light sensing cells in the macula and a gradual loss of your central vision. Dry macular degeneration can progress to the second, more severe type called wet macular degeneration.

Wet Macular Degeneration
Only 10% of all people with AMD have the wet type however, it accounts for 90% of all blindness from the disease. As dry AMD worsens, new blood vessels begin to grow and cause "wet" AMD. These new blood vessels tend to be very fragile, and they often leak blood and fluid under the macula, which further deteriorates the macula, causing fast and severe vision loss.

How to Reduce the Risk of AMD
Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids which protect our eyes from harmful light waves such as ultraviolet. They are both powerful antioxidants that are vital to keep our eyes healthy.

Eating lutein and zeaxanthin rich foods or taking these supplements can restore macular pigment density. Macular pigment density declines with age so by eating more of these important nutrients your eyes will stay healthier for much longer.

What are Carotenoids?
Carotenoids are natural pigments found in plants and algae. They give the bright colour to many vegetables and fruits. The carotenoids keep the plants healthy and research has shown that they are also extremely beneficial in our diet as they act as antioxidants to prevent chronic disease.

In the retina of your eye two carotenoids are found: Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Years of scientific research worldwide have shown that supplementation with these carotenoids can increase macular pigment density, thus providing natural and safe protection against AMD.

An important case-control study by researchers at the University of Florida, found that healthy eating that includes diets rich in lutein and zeaxanthin could lower the risk of AMD up to 82% compared with those outside that group. (Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2001 Jan;42(1)235-40).

Unless the eye has adequate protection as we get older, light creates harmful radicals which can severely damage cells in the eye. Ethos Zeaxanthin & Lutein Capsules protect the macular pigment and form a protective layer that filters light.

Our bodies produce their own antioxidants but also rely on natural antioxidants in our diet for full protection. The capsules provide a powerful formulation for specific eye nutrients to support healthy eyes into old age.

These nutrient-packed capsules also contain:

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamins A (particularly important for colour and night vision), C and E
  • Vitamin B2 is included to help maintain normal eye structure
Recommended Usage
Zeaxanthin and lutein are absorbed best by the body when taken with fat. For maximum absorption into the bloodstream, take this supplement with the meal(s) of the day that contains the most fat.

Take one capsule twice daily with meals, or as advised by your healthcare practitioner.


Leon - York UK

I developed cataracts many years ago and had to have operations to get rid of them. I tried other treatments but they weren't successful and it just prolonged the whole process. I have found that over the years my eyes have had both good and bad periods and I have struggled to control when I will have a bad period. After over a year of treatment and laser treatment the cataracts went but can easily come back. I later developed other eye issues and in general my eye sight has not been great ever since. Like I say I have good phases and bad depending on my diet and lifestyle, work and other things. Everything seems to affect my eyes but when they are bad I really find it hard. I struggle to see, get very dry and tired eyes and I get headaches as a result of trying to strain myself to see.

Valdeta - Kosova

Since I found the bright eyes products they have really helped. When I started using the AMD capsules as a way to keep my eyes fresh and sharp I didn't notice much difference in sight for a while, but I did see a difference in the tiredness going and my eyes looking brighter. After a while I noticed that my sight was starting to improve, firstly the fogginess started to shift which meant I wasn't straining myself to see and stopped the headaches and then gradually the clearness and clarity of my sight started to improve. Of course my sight is still not perfect and I don't think it ever will be after all of the products that I have had over the years but it is getting there. Is affected my life for the better and just little things like not having a constant headache has made me happier which has made my family happier. Before everyone was affected my conditions so really it has had an effect on the whole family. I will definitely continue to use the bright eyes products and in particular the AMD capsules. Hopefully my sight will improve even more.

Burhan- Hungary

AMD capsules really helped my eyes. A lot clearer now and no cloudiness.

Alicia - Wirral UK

Bright eyes has had a massive improvement on my sister's eyes! She sent me a text message the other day for the first time in over a year because normally her eyes are too bad to read her phone properly! I was so happy for her I thought I have to share it on here so others can have the same! Thank you for asking me on my progress and I hope this review is OK.

Arta - Spain

I use Ethos products since 2014 to keep my eyes healthy and just to prevent any problems occurring or developing in the future. Nothing has ever developed yet and I have excellent eyesight to I think they are doing their job!

Tringa - Portugal

I am a very old lady now so my eyesight has not been very good for a long time. I worked as a nurse for a long time before I retired so I have seen lots of patients come and go with eye issues. It was actually a patient of mine many years ago who old me about the benefits of zeaxanthin & lutein for your eyes. I was explaining this to my daughter and she found your AMD capsules. I have to say that I have been taking them for some time now and my vision hasn't got any worse. It hasn't improved much either but it's stopped the deterioration or it which is better than I could have hoped for at my age. I also have changed my diet and excise on a daily basis.

Brandon - Germany

I'm currently using AMD capsules from Ethos Scheiz as aftercare for my eyes after I had cataracts. I didn't want the risk of the cataracts returning to I wanted to buy something that wouldn't give my eyes the nutrition that the needed to repair themselves. Zeaxanthin and lutein are vital for the repair of damaged eye tissues and preventing aging and eye diseases. Since using I think my eyes are a lot brighter, I can see clearer and it's good to know I am getting all of the vitamins and minerals I need for healthy eyes.

John - Jersey UK

I've seen a steady decrease in the macular degeneration in my eye. I don't want to speak to soon but bright eyes seems a lot better than other products that I have tried. I hope this continues thank you for your advice and help.

"I don't always need my reading glasses now"

Mrs M. Bennettt - Cyprus

I will be 64 in August and for some years I have had visual problems due to M.E. where my normal vision could be very blurred on poor days. For thirty years I taught textiles and my eye sight is very important to me as I execute fine work. I live in Cyprus and the heat and sun did not help particularly in the mornings and the evenings. The pain was excruciating as my eyes felt as if there were particles of grit under the eye lids and at the back of the eye balls. Myopia was evident and looking up from craft work using my half moon reading glasses I had to wait for my eye muscles to adjust before I could see in the distance. I also had pain, for example, when I was looking at my baby grandchildren as I was cuddling them because they were too close.

I am serious when I say that my eyes are pain free now. I don?t have pain when focusing closely and I no longer have to wait for my eyes to adjust from near to long distance or vice versa. I do use the full Ethos range ? eye drops, capsules and powder.

What is Macular Degeneration (AMD)?
Macular degeneration is the slow deterioration of the cells in the macula. This degeneration will affect your central vision which is the vision you use for reading, writing, driving and identifying people. In some people, AMD can advance so slowly that it will have little effect on their vision as they age. But in many others, the disease progresses faster and may lead to a loss of vision in one or both eyes.

The Common Symptoms of AMD:

  • Straight objects appear bent or wavy
  • A dark or blurry area appears in the centre of your vision
  • When you cover one eye, the object you're looking at will change size or colour

Always read the label - Use only as directed - If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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