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Cataract Treatment for Humans
We tend to take our eyesight for granted. As we age we are likely to need at least reading glasses but often we are fairly complacent about any other problems. While we shouldn't suddenly begin to worry, we should all use our common sense about every aspect of health and that includes our eyes.

For almost two decades, Ethos Schweitz LLC has been bringing you cutting-edge products to help guard against visual impairments such as Cataracts, Glaucoma and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The latter two accounts for the majority of visual problems worldwide and Ethos has joined the fight against these two diseases.

Ethos Bright Eyes Eye Drops for Humans have been shown to help counteract the age-related loss of antioxidants in the nucleus of the human lens helping to delay the onset of eye disease. When you are young, your eyes contain high concentrations of natural antioxidants that protect against cataracts, macular degeneration and other ocular disorders.

With age, those concentrations diminish. You will be more susceptible to diabetes and you can find an increasing number of health issues, and that relates to eye problems as well. Ethos Bright Eyes Drops & other natural health antioxidant supplements can help against eye disorders. However, aging diminishes their circulation to the eye and thus reduces the effectiveness of oral supplements.

Surgery is one answer to cataracts. Your existing lens is removed and replaced with a clear, artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Light will be pass through the IOL into the retina. You will neither feel nor see the lens. At times a part of the natural lens that has not removed during surgery becomes cloudy and your vision may become blurred. This is known as an after-cataract which can develop months or years later.

However, surgery may be costly and it is perfectly natural not to want surgery if it is at all possible. Ethos NAC Eye Drops are formulated as an effective treatment of cataracts. If used correctly, and you follow a good diet, take exercise and stop smoking, Bright Eye Drops can improve many eye disorders and conditions without the need of invasive surgery.

Cataract Treatments for Pets
Our pets rely on use for many things, and towards the top of the list is their overall well-being. That involves a well-balanced diet providing all the vitamins and minerals they need as part of keeping them healthy. They cannot speak to tell you about their problems so it falls on you to be observant in case anything is wrong. Something that you should take note of is any problem that might emerge in their eyes. Vision is impaired if they begin to develop cataracts which are as common in animals as they are in humans. Often, they come with age, but you should be checking their eyesight regularly, and think about consulting your vet as needed.

We have most contact with dogs but Bright Eyes Eye Drops for Pets relevant to all pet animals; cats, horses etc. In the UK, it is thought that as many as 17 million homes have a dog or cat. They age just as we do and during that process, nature works in a similar way; all our eyes lose something with age. Cataracts are the obvious thing that develop most commonly and you should be able to see any development as your pet's eyes become increasingly cloudy. At the first sign of cloudiness or discolouration, you should consult your vet.

Surgery is an option for the removal of cataracts and although the operation has become an everyday procedure, we are sure that for several reasons, you would prefer to avoid the worry of your pet getting surgery. The worry goes far beyond the costs involved.

Bright Eyes Eye Drops were developed at the turn of the Century to specifically address the problems associated with the onset of cataracts. Using eye drops can help avoid the need for surgery at a fraction of the cost. Ironically, these drops were introduced for humans before they were ever considered for animals. The success rate on humans was sufficient for them to then be marketed for animals.

These eye drops are complexly painless and are easy to apply. It takes just a matter of seconds once your pet is used to them. You should follow the instructions coming with the product and for more info you can look elsewhere on the website.

Quality of life is the secret to enjoying your later years. It is exactly the same for your pets. Give us a try if you have even the slightest concern about your pet's vision.

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