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Just a few of our happy customers feedback from December 2020 to finish a very strange year. 2021 will be our 21st year in business and hopefully a very good and healthy one for all of us.

Eye drops for Cataracts Latest Testimonial

Both my parents had failing eyesight as they got older, so I expected problems in my genes. I’ve done everything I can to make sure I look after my eyes. For me, that has been regular eye tests, and Ethos Eyedrops, just a few drops every day to keep my eyes as clean as possible. Touchwood, Ethos is doing very well.
Adam, Winchester

Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs Review

I found Ethos heaven online when I was looking for health supplements. I noticed the things for good eyes and decided they might help my old dog. He seems happy and is not worrying when I put some drops in each day.
Juan, Sevilla

Playing Golf with Glaucoma

You need good eyesight to play my wonderful links golf course well because the skill of links golf involves judgement when there are few landmarks. My vision began to get blurred and I was reluctant to get glasses when I am still in my 30s so I looked for other alternatives. I found these drops online and was impressed by the results it seemed to be achieving. With nothing to lose, I bought a course of treatment and the glaucoma drops seem to have done the trick. I’ve just had my best round in weeks!
Declan, Lahinch

Caring for your parents with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

I bought Ethos Eye Drops for AMD for my mother who is 75. Her eyes have not been good for a few years now and I think that may be age. But she is using these drops and feels more comfortable now. Her doctor said that her eyes are the same as last time he saw her so that is good news that they are not getting poorer.
Sven, Stockholm

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