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Ethos Heaven are proud to promote another amazing product - Ethos Ethozyme Capsules which will assist your body to fight a range of illnesses and serious health conditions. Ethozyme is a natural enzyme supplement containing serrapeptase. Serrapeptase is an enzyme with superior health benefits and is widely used by doctors worldwide.

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How Does Ethos Serrapeptase Ethozyme Work?
Due to all of the amazing health benefits of serrapeptase, Ethos Schweitz LLC created Ethozyme containing serrapeptase. Ethozyme is a natural supplement consisting of enzymes and herbal elements which have been blended to create an all-purpose formula for health and wellbeing.

Ethos Ethozyme is beneficial for many different health conditions such as:

  • Keeping your organs healthy
  • Combating cardio vascular disease
  • Unclogging arteries
  • Prevention of thrombosis
  • Reducing the risk of stroke
  • Combatting a wide range of serious physical ailments
Ethozyme is also a natural anti inflammatory and a simple course of treatment removes arterial plaque build-up. Ethos Ethozyme helps clean up the transportation of fluid around the body. If you imagine it travelling around your body like a mini vacuum eating up and digesting the dead proteins that have not been broken down during digestion. These dead proteins can lead to inflammation if left untreated. But once they have been removed you are greatly reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack which are the world's most common causes of premature death.

When To Use Ethozyme
EthozymeTM can be used to treat a range of ailments and conditions:
  • Low energy
  • Heartburn
  • Immune system issues
  • Benign tissue growths
  • Bowel trouble
  • General body pain
  • High blood pressure
When Not To Use Ethozyme
Ethos Ethozyme contains ingredients that may dissolve blood clots. This is normally beneficial, but in certain conditions may be harmful.
This product should not be taken if you suffer from:
  • Any blood disorder that affects the ability of the blood to clot e.g. Haemophilia
  • A stroke which has resulted in intracranial bleeding in the last 6 months
  • Haemorroids (piles)
  • Recent surgery or trauma
Take 2-4 Capsules up to 4 times a day on an empty stomach. This should ideally be 1 hour before. A simple 6 month course of treatment can remove years of arterial plaque build up, which naturally reduces your risk of developing further serious health complaints.

What is Serrapeptase?
Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts and arterial plaque. The late German physician Dr. Hans Nieper used Serrapeptase to treat arterial blockage in his coronary patients. Dr. Nieper told of a woman scheduled for hand amputation and a man scheduled for bypass surgery who both recovered quickly without surgery after treatment with Serrapeptase. Serrapeptase protects against the threat of strokes and it has also been reported that Serrapeptase dissolves blood clots and causes varicose veins to shrink or diminish.

Serrapeptase digests only non-living tissue such as plaque, inflammation and blood clots. This important property means that it does not harm any living tissues and is able to be carried around our bloodstream and transferred to the sites where it is needed. This enzyme is widely used throughout Europe to treat a multitude of ailments and serious diseases from hay fever to arthritis to arterial diseases.

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