Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma

When you are diagnosed with Glaucoma many people face costly bills, maybe an invasive operation and life stress. However Ethos has created an eye drop formulation to minimise costs, pain and vision loss for anyone with the horrible condition. Our products fight the disease whilst building the immune system so that the body and eyes can naturally build up its own resistance against it. Once your condition improves Ethos bright eyes drops for Glaucoma also provides aftercare with just 2 drops per day in each eye. This means there is no operations, less trips to the opticians and you can complete your treatment in the comfort of your own home. Our aim is to help you achieve the best eye health therefore avoiding losing your sight. We have had lots of success with our customers over the last few years and want to help more and more people overcome glaucoma.

Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma
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Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma contain N-Acetyl-Carnosine which is the only compound available that has proved in clinical trials to actually rejuvenate cells and repair damage at a cellular level.

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Glaucoma is a painful disorder which causes an abnormal increase in the eye pressure. Glaucoma is usually a result of diabetes or genetic factors, but it is more commonly tied to underlying conditions such as age and lifestyle. Ethos glaucoma eye drops deliver nutrients including the natural formula NAC N-Acetyl-Carnosine which can decrease the pressure to the eye, therefore eliminating damage to the cells in the optic nerve. The symptoms of glaucoma vary depending on the amount of pressure and how long the pressure has been present in your eyes. Ethosheaven recommend regular eye checks and diagnosis from a professional ophthalmologist.

Signs of Glaucoma could include:
-Increased blinking
-Eye pain
-Blurred Vision
-Cloudiness of the cornea
-Enlargement of affected eye
-Red eyes
-Tunnel Vision
-Halo-glows around lights
-Sudden vision problems
-Dilated pupils

The suggested use of Glaucoma drops is to apply five to six drops in each affected eye every day.

Each box contains 2 x 5ml bottles and should last up to 10 days

79% of patients report a significant improvement within 30 days.

Contact lenses should be removed prior to inserting the drops.

Ethosheaven highly recommend Ethos Endymion Powder (100% Pure L-Carnosine) which can be taken safely with Glaucoma Eyedrops to enhance eye treatment. Ethos L-Carnosine can also be taken as a supplement for general health.

Ethos Natural Health Endymion L-Carnosine is 100% Safe & 100% Hypoallergenic

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Katie, Georgia USA
I didn't actually realise I had glaucoma until I went to the opticians for a routine check-up, I had no symptoms but he said I had it and it needed to be treated. I was offered a course of tablets to take and told if that didn't work I would have to have laser eye surgery to stop it from progressing to the stage where it was affecting my sight. I completed the course of tablets but when I went back for a check-up I was told it hadn't worked, I really didn't want laser surgery so I decided to research and find my own treatments which is when I found bright eye drops for glaucoma. I ordered two months' worth of the drops and went for another check-up after the two months was up, my optician was just as surprised as I was to find that the glaucoma had cleared up completely. It is possible it can come back but I am good for now and if it does come back then I know where to come.

Jane, West Sussex UK
I have a large family history with glaucoma found in most generations which my optician was aware of so when I got one it was picked up on quickly. He gave me a prescription for eye drops to lower the pressure in my eye but I was about to go travelling with my wife across America for a 7 weeks and I accidently left them at home. Luckily my wife found the bright eye drops for glaucoma on the internet and ordered them to where we were staying in America. I used them the whole time I was there and when I got back and my optician said the pressure has reduced.

Jenny, Heaton UK
I was too scared to have laser treatment so got looking for something different, found bright eye drops for glaucoma and they did the trick. Doctor said it was a lot better after them.

Stan, Maine USA
With Glaucoma running in my family I have been looking for a product which was safe to use and could maybe slow down the progression of symptoms, I have only over the past six months started to notice the first signs and it coincided with when someone mentioned this product to me so I thought I'd give it a try. I was very sceptical, as was my optician but so far I'm very impressed, I've always had sensitive eyes but this product doesn't cause any irritation for me at all, plus my symptoms have not worsened at all, it's still early days but I'm hopeful I've found the product I need.

Callum, Tapu New Zealand
I have sensitive eyes which means I have to be careful but a friend recommended these to me and I've had no problems what so ever.

Samantha, Bangkok
The support I've had from this company was really good, I ordered and used the bright eye drops for glaucoma. They were really good at advising me because I didn't really know how much to buy or which product.

Sophie, Singapore
I was trying to avoid having laser surgery for glaucoma, my optician said it was the best option but im really squirmy with stuff in my eye. Mum got these for me and they worked but I really liked them because they were so easy to put in.

Tammy, USA
With the bright eye drops for glaucoma you defo get your moneys worth! The optician tried to charge me over $1400 for laser surgery but I found these instead, they worked just as well in my opinion and I saved a load of money. Happy days.

Brian, UK
I noticed that my sight in the corner of my eyes was starting so go a bit strange, I went to the opticians thinking I needed new glasses and he told me I had developed increased pressure in my eye which had caused glaucoma and that I needed to treat it quickly before I lost my sight. He suggested laser eye surgery as the quickest way but my aunty had suffered from glaucoma and said that she just used drops. Of course I would chose drops any day over laser surgery so she recommended the bright eyes brand for glaucoma drops. So far so good, I'm only a month into treatment but the optician said that the pressure is starting to lift so as long as I keep on with the treatment I shouldn't have any permanent damage.

Andrew Jewel, Ireland
A VERY BIG THANK YOU to your glaucoma bright eyes eye drops. These make such a difference on my eyes and my life. Even after using one box (10ml), Why didn't I find you sooner!!. I'm 28 and have had glaucoma for most of my adult life; eye drops have always played a major part of my vision and quality of life. Your drops for glaucoma are better than artificial tears for me throughout the day and at night. Just wanted to say thank you!xx I just saw my eye doctor he was astounded by my vision improvement - from 20/40 to 20/20 in 1 eye and 20/25 in the other. The results speak for themselves.

Mrs Wilkinson, UK
Thank you for recommending the Bright eyes for my glaucoma. AFTER increasing the dosage to six times a day and extra cost for 25 days my eye pressure was lowered to 16 from 22. Twice daily seemed to maintain the 22 (two exams over 6 mo. period substantiated that). I am 2 boxes a month. My goal is to reach 14.

Janet Moulton, Turkey
I was diagnosed with glaucoma at the relatively young age of 49. I started can-c drops therapy and found I was highly allergic, the drops worked to lower my pressures for almost 2 months, but then my pressures started to creep up again. I had run out of options for drop therapy and was facing laser surgery. That's when I found your website and ordered some of your recommended products for Glaucoma. I gave your products a chance!!! And I wasn't disappointed. I am so excited and grateful for Glaucoma eye drops, my IOP went from 19 to 14 in 7 weeks! No Laser surgery for me, and my ophthalmologist asked me to bring product to my next check-up because he "wants to see what I'm taking about and get them tested. He hasn't seen such a remarkable recovery over so many weeks. You never know??? he may promote them, then you will owe me, Thanks so much for your wonderful products and support.

Michael Wildman, who was the gentleman featured on the Richard & Judy Show trials, got such great results with Bright Eyes Drops he decided to get his wife to try them as she suffered with glaucoma. Prior to using Bright Eyes she had used two different prescribed medication, Xalatan and one other, for 2 years with no signs of any improvement. She was having six-monthly checkups and on her next checkup after using Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma her ophthalmologist was amazed to report that her intra-ocular pressure had dropped from 28 mm/hg to 14 mm/hg which is within the normal range.

Her eye specialist was so amazed at such great improvements since her last check up that they then sent her for more test and these confirmed that her periphery vision had also improved as well which they said is virtually unheard of with glaucoma sufferers.

Needless to say, they were both delighted with such brilliant results.

Since our products are all 100% natural we are able to ensure that they are compatible with everyone's individual situations and bodies whilst providing many other benefits. The quicker that you find and start to treat the condition the better so we recommend regular check-ups as this condition has no symptoms.

Glaucoma ethos bright eyes drops are a new type of medicated eye drop which treat the symptoms of many diagnosed open and closed glaucoma symptoms. The formulation is a huge step forward in treating conditions in one or both eyes to help reduce the fluid pressure which can cause damage and loss of vision.

Glaucoma is called the ''sneak thief of vision''. As it progresses slowly, glaucoma may not be recognised until it could be quite advanced. Once the visual field is damaged, it may be hard to recover. If left untreated it can lead to permanent damage and blindness. By having regular eye examinations, early detection and treatment with eye drops for glaucoma can preserve your vision.

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