Dogs with Glaucoma


Glaucoma is the world’s leading cause of vision loss. Both humans and animals are affected by the disease however if it is prevented or caught early enough, you can often prevent permanent or serious damage. If left untreated then vision loos is almost certain.
Glaucoma causes pressure to build up in the eye which leads to a lack of fluid drainage. Dogs suffer from the disease just as we do, it attacks the optic nerve, which is a collection of over 1 million fibers strung together, and since the optic nerve is essential for good eye site, is it very important to cure anything that is compromising that. The optic nerve connects the brain and the retina, which is a light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye.
There are two different types of Glaucoma, primary and secondary. Primary glaucoma often has the symptoms of high pressure within the eye, blinking more than usual, receding eyeball, redness of the blood vessels in the whites of the eye, cloudy appearance of the eye, dilated pupils and vision loss. If left for a long time then these symptoms can develop into enlargement of the eyeball and severe vision loss.
Secondary glaucoma presents many of the same symptoms but you may also see inflammatory debris in the eye, constriction of the pupil, the iris of the eye sticking to the cornea or lens of the eye, headaches, loss of appetite and a change in behaviour.
If you think your dog has the symptoms of glaucoma then it is advised to get it checked. We have a number of products that are able to help prevent glaucoma and help control and heal the infection once it is already set in. Take a look at our products today and remember we still have 10% off all orders for our Black Friday Sale. Protect your dogs eyes today!

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