Dont Let Hay Fever Spoil Your Holiday


If you have never suffered from hay fever, you will not have experienced being out on a warm, sunny day and suddenly starting to sneeze and find your nose is running. Surely the germs that are around causing “bad colds” during the winter are dead? They are but the release of pollens associated with trees, grass, corn fields and the like can make a walk in the countryside on a lovely day something bordering on a nightmare. Worse still, you may be enjoying your main summer holidays with plenty of sun and high temperatures, and hay fever strikes.

That is not so likely in July and August as it is a month later, and that is not just because it is harvest time. A well-deserved holiday after a busy year at work should not be ruined by hay fever and the range of things that might result. They are more than just the symptoms of having a cold. They may well disturb your sleep, possibly make your eyes water and itch as well as giving you headaches. What a way to spend your holiday! If the rest of the family have a great time, could you really say we can’t go there again because of my hay fever?

Wind-blown pollen is likely to be the possible problem in the warmer months of the year. Few people choose a summer holiday destination where pollution is a problem. However, you should not be deceived just because you wake up each morning to another sunny day. The Mediterranean is a popular destination, especially for those who live further north where temperatures are unlikely to be guaranteed. People talk about the healthy cuisine of this region, based upon a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables that fill the local markets. Olive oil has its benefits as well with olive groves common right across the Mediterranean from Portugal and Spain in the west right through to the east and Greece and Turkey. Beware the pollen that comes from the olive tree!

If you have become a regular hay fever sufferer, you will have looked at possible treatments to both prevent the condition in the first place and to limit its effects if you wake up one morning with a runny nose, red eyes and congestion. If you like returning home with a healthy suntan, you are not going to consider a face mask, never mind some kind of artificial eye protection. One answer is eye drops which you can use a few times a day to keep your eyes clean. Naturally formulated eye drops are very easy to apply and perfectly safe. Don’t give up the idea of a holiday in the sun each year but take those eye drops with you if you tend to suffer from hay fever regularly.

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