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At the end of a day, you are likely to be tired. It may not be because of any physical exertion. It can be Blinking more often certainly helps, as does taking regular breaks from the screen because you have spent a whole day in front of a computer screen. Your tiredness may actually be a result of eye strain if you have been working without a significant break. Your tiredness may manifest itself in several ways; headaches, blurred vision, red eyes and even shoulder pain.

The Vision Council believes that more than half of people who spend their days using computers on a daily basis, and regularly use their smartphones, suffer from such strains. There is a phrase now commonly used to describe the condition; digital vision syndrome. The good news is that there are now eyes drops specifically designed to address this. In addition, if you follow the advice below in conjunction with the eyes drops, you should avoid the problem.

· Pay a regular visit to an optician to get an eye test. This will ensure that no problems are developing within your eyes. You should tell your optician about the time you spend in front of a screen and include a test from that distance as part of the examination.

· You should have proper lighting as you work. If it is in an office, the company should ensure lighting is suitable. If you work from home, look to see if you are working in the best place within your home.

· Ensure you have minimal glare on the screen. A flat-panelled LED screen with a surface that is anti-reflective is ideal. You need to set the screen to the level of brightness which is suitable while also adjusting text size to suit you. Contrast is important as well. Black on white of other pale background is far better than say blue on red or green.

· Regular breaks help and blinking more frequently does as well.

· Think about specially designed computer glasses made to a prescription. If you wear contact lenses or prescription glasses, they will not be designed for sitting in front of a screen as opposed to general vision.

Help yourself and helping yourself includes keeping your eyes clean and healthy, well-lubricated. That is a function that naturally formulated eye drops can perform. They are safe, easy to apply and readily available in store - Promo code DD5

Always read the label - Use only as directed - If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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