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Allergies used to be a phenomenon more associated to industrial countries, and to an extent that is still the case. As China has developed, so numbers have risen. Even in India, there are seasonal allergies. However, the best large country to look at relating to the increase in such things as hay fever is the USA if only because studies are more common, and comprehensive.

Hay fever in the USA is known as allergic rhinitis and it is a condition common in all age groups, more common than other allergies such as eczema and food allergy. It is an irritating condition, uncomfortable and often unseemly when non-sufferers look fit and healthy. The winter is arguably the only season when figures are low. Pollen develops in the spring and continues on to include autumn when hay is being harvested.

Those low figures are relative because hay fever is also a result of sensitivity from dust around the house. Dust is often unseen but generated by the hour simply because of human activity.

Given there is no real cure to hay fever, what are the answers to it? Avoidance and decreased exposure perhaps as well as elimination as far as possible you may say? There are allergy shots available in the USA but they may not be popular with everyone. It is worth remembering at around 20% of children in the USA suffer from hay fever, the most prevalent of today’s allergies, and as things stand, those children will suffer for the rest of their lives.

Avoidance is an interesting one. When pollen counts are high, are you going to stay indoors for periods with your windows closed, keeping the house spotless? You could have a miserable few months in what is commonly agreed is the nicest time in any year? Decreased exposure is more feasible so you would avoid certain environments unless absolutely necessary.

Shots have already been mentioned but a good and completely painless “treatment” for hay fever is a naturally manufactured one, eyedrops who address the problem as well as keeping your eyes clean. You will find online solutions to the control of hay fever. Be sure to check the effectiveness of a company’s products by reading testimonials. Given you can find a company that seems to fit the bill, you should buy the product that has been made specifically to address hay fever.

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