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It’s a wonderful world with so many lovely places to visit and sights to see. Life is surely much harder for those who are either blind or partially sighted. While eye sight can fail with age, in most cases, a good pair of prescription glasses solve most problems. However, there are a number of infections and diseases that can affect your vision and potentially cause damage. Regular eye tests will diagnose any issues and you should resolve to get regular testing, whatever your age.

While you should not get paranoid about your eyes, or your health in general, there is plenty to do in your daily routine to guard against problems. You will find plenty of advice from professionals while there are supplements that provide nutrients essential for a healthy life to add to the vitamins and minerals you consume in your diet. In the case of your eyes, those supplements regularly come in the form of eye drops. Naturally formulated Ethos Heavenly eye drops will look after your eyes.

You may think that everything is fine without worrying about the quality of your diet. Indeed, you may be currently very healthy but things do change, especially as you age. Why not follow the principle that prevention is better than cure because you do not want to be taking medication on a regular basis do you?

There are a number of vitamins that can help to keep your eyes healthy with Vitamins C and E two of the most important. Calcium, Omega 3 and Folic Acid are others you will get benefit from. Eyedrops that have been thoroughly tested and with testimonials as to their effectiveness are an ideal way to “nourish” your eyes on a regular basis, even if you have no current problems. The National Eye Institute produced a study stating that C and E were important in combatting problems such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Eye strain is a problem these days, especially with the regular use of laptops and the small screens of a smartphone. Add to that the times when the light is low or even in bright sunlight and there are daily circumstances that can affect your vision. You need to take regular breaks if you are sitting in front of a screen.

A healthy life is a priority for everyone, whatever their circumstances. There is little effort in following a healthy diet, and ensuring you have the vitamins and minerals you need. Here’s to a long and happy life!

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