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The recent eye transplant, the first ever performed in the world, is a major advancement. It has not restored sight because sight is “created” by the brain after a signal from the retina via the optic nerve to the brain is essential to sight. If the optic nerve is damaged, no signal is sent. But it is important to recognise the importance of a world first.

Over 140 surgeons at NYU Langone Health were involved in transplanting an entire eye and portions of the face from a single donor. Five months on and the 46-year-old patient’s eye is healthy with blood beginning to flow to the retina. The improvement is cosmetic but it has demonstrated that transplantation is achievable. The next challenge is to solve the major problem of optic nerve regeneration but the first step, the transplantation, has been a success.

The transplant surgeons also sought to combine the donor eye with donor bone marrow-derived adult stem cells. The hope was that the stem cells would encourage the cells to regrow although that has not been achieved as yet. There has been progress in achieving this in vertebrates like fish and frogs, but, as yet, not mammals. It may take years of work to go beyond the cosmetic results to research is ongoing.

It is great news that there is ongoing research relating to the eye because vision plays such an important role in the quality of life. Imagine a situation when someone who is born blind can expect to expect to be able to see thanks to research and an operation or two! Likewise, failing sight and ultimate blindness can take away a precious sense. Several eye diseases can be controlled and sometimes reversed. Sometimes that involves operations but eye drops have proved effective in preventing the onset of eye diseases as well as reversing some developing conditions.

Companies are around who have a significant history in producing naturally formulated eye drops and capsules and testimonials that prove their quality. Everything is available online, even on such popular websites as eBay. They are easy to apply, perfectly safe and inexpensive to use eyedrops and capsules are an alternative way to help yourself. What price to ensure good vision?

Make sure you buy your products from a reputable source because there are copies on the market. You can keep your eyes healthy before any problems arise.

Always read the label - Use only as directed - If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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