Eyes with Blurry Vision


Few people retain 20/20 vision throughout their lives. Eyesight does deteriorate with #age, but that is not to say that you need to accept it as normal, certainly when there is no obvious reason for the rate of deterioration. If you are beginning to struggle to read during daylight hours, you should certainly get your eyes tested. Hopefully, you will find that glasses will solve any problem. It is perfectly normal for people to need reading glasses when they get older. As long as that is the extent of the problem, you have no reason as such to worry. However, if your vision becomes blurred, you may face other issues. Don’t just ignore what is happening.

Blurred #vision can be a signal of other health problems, and the sooner these are identified, the better. While you are welcome to go to an optician, you should make an appointment with your doctor as well. One possible diagnosis is diabetic retinography. It is caused by high blood sugar which can affect the blood vessels in your retina. As a result, the retina swells resulting in unwanted blood cells growing in the eye, and subsequent bleeding within the eye. Once this happens, you will get spots in your eye and in some instances, you can lose your sight.

The sooner you get a diagnosis the better. You should have your eyes checked annually anyway.

It is possible if your eyesight suddenly become blurred, that you have suffered a stroke. It is not always something you will be aware of, though an X ray may show scarring that will confirm it.

A third possibility is pre-eclampsia which can hit pregnant women with no previous history of high blood pressure. In extreme cases, it can be life-threatening. There are few noticeable symptoms but blurred vision is one of them. An impending migraine is another possible cause and your doctor will advise about how to prevent one from recurring. The list goes on; psoriasis which means you will suffer from sore skin, often red and scaly, symptoms of multiple sclerosis, a potential brain tumour or Parkinson’s disease. There is no room for complacency because this list of diseases is serious.

#Cataracts are probably the most common cause of blurred vision. There are treatments for cataracts that include fairly simple surgery but it is understandable for people to seek other alternatives that do not mean a surgical procedure. Eyedrops have been found to be very successful when it comes to maintaining healthy eyes and counteracting problems such as cataracts. You can read eyedrop testimonials to decide for yourself whether you really need surgery or just a course of #eyedrops. You can buy them online and websites such as eBay will have them as well. Why don’t you do your own research and certainly make enquiries of reputable websites such as ours as we will happily discuss the issue with our experts

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