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An interesting question and the worse the winter, the more the population want some relief. Whether it is a matter of less rain, brighter days, higher temperatures or all three, Spring is regarded as the season when the world awakens again. Unfortunately for hay fever sufferers, that means the countryside comes alive and things start to grow. In no time at all, pollen counts start to rise.

There are 30 different pollens with the majority relating to grass, trees and weeds. Whatever the reason for some people to suffer from hay fever and others are never affected, it a miserable condition creating itchy eyes, runny noses, redness etc. One a hot summer’s day, if you have hay fever, you can stand out when most people look healthy. “Most” but it seems that around 25% of people in Western Europe and North America regularly suffer from hay fever. It is thought that the figure will rise with climate change!

While hay fever is more likely to strike sufferers in rural areas, it is a condition that city dwellers can regularly suffer from. Towns and cities all have parks and gardens, green areas where pollen starts to increase as the days get longer and temperatures rise. In addition, dust is a problem for sufferers so an unclean home or work environment where the atmosphere is poor is a potential issue. Forecasters regularly mention the pollen count and you will be able to find out what to expect in the coming days. If you learn that problems might arise and you know you suffer regularly from hay fever, you should take preventative options.

There is no cure for hay fever but there are ways to treat and control the condition. You can do your research online for example and there are companies with impressive records for providing relief for a number of conditions with specially formulated natural treatments. It helps to keep your eyes clean to minimise the effects of dust which you can’t eradicate completely. Eyedrops are now commonly used successfully to combat a range of conditions and those designed specifically to combat hay fever are an excellent investment to have in stock anytime as winter recedes.

Brighter days mean brighter moods. Those who suffer from hay fever regularly may not look forward to the world coming alive as much as some but they can improve their lives with the right action.

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