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Some people born in rural areas may not even be able to imagine what city life would be like. In some developing countries, job opportunities have been the reason for heading to the city for economic reasons of course. Such “rural depopulation” is not a feature in countries with Western Europe and North America as just two examples. The countryside has much to recommend it but if you suffer from allergies such as hay fever, you are likely to periodically find yourself with a runny nose, itchy eyes and other irritating conditions.

Hay fever is not hereditary, and obviously not dangerous, but anything up to one in four people suffer from it, and that applies to all age groups. While the chances of a bout during the winter go down, the countryside seems to breathe again after a quiet few months. Pollen from several sources becomes more prevalent. Tree pollen can occur in certain species in the weeks before spring but those species can be replaced by others as the year progresses.

Grass pollen from spring through to late summer, especially from freshly cut grass, and later hay, can cause bouts of hay fever and misery. If you suffer from hay fever, and live in a rural area, it is difficult for you to avoid the everyday activities of the countryside. Grass is just one of the problems you may face. The popularity of oilseed rape, fields of yellow, has added to the problems of hay fever sufferers.

There are some actions you can take to minimise the risk of a bout of hay fever. Keep your eyes clean, perhaps even wearing wrap=around sun glasses to shield your eyes? Eyedrops specifically manufactured to combat hay fever make good sense. They are completely safe and easy to apply. Look for manufacturers online who have a good history in the field of supplements. You should get a stock to see what effect they have on you. You will find that they can soothe any irritation that you might have been feeling.

Leaving your rural home to go to the city does not make sense if your sole aim is to avoid hay fever. There may be days when the forecast of a high pollen count keeps you at home with windows closed but that may not always be possible. Buy those eyedrops and your life may just change.

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