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One really Happy Customer

This was my second order for Bright Eyes eye drops, as before my order arrived very quickly indeed. I consider this to be a wonderful product and a beacon of hope for cataract sufferers like my elderly mother. My mother's cataract is slowly improving and she is very pleased. These eye drops do work when used every day and given time to work. A truly wonderful product from an excellent seller.

A life-changing product.

Our German Shepherd Dog's later years took a turn for the worst when he began to develop cataracts in both eyes. Bright Eyes eye drops, over a period of several months, actually shrank the cataracts to the point of complete clarity in one eye, and almost the same in the other before he passed away aged 15. We are very grateful that we found such an effective, readily-available product which helped Teddy to enjoy good eyesight again during his last days. We have recommended Bright Eyes to others whose pets have cataracts, and we would not hesitate to use it again if our current pet Louie should need it.

It works

I bought this for my dog who has cattaracts in both eyes, his been having the drops for 4 weeks now and i can already see the difference in his eyes and himself i would recommend this to anyone whos dog has catteract

I have been using this product and can see a noticeable difference I have been told they will sort out a lower price for me as I'm a ongoing client.

Has helped

Great product but I wish it was not so expensive or they could do a subscription price as you need to use continuously

Eye drops

I have tried this for several weeks and I can say I have noticed some improvement. A great deal of commitment is required to administer the advised dosage but the effort is worth it. I believe that the results may be more evident with cataracts that are less 'mature'. I have bought two twin-packs so far but I will probably need at least one more.

good stuff

seems to give some relief from eye problems, expensive, but what price better sight. Thanks.

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