Marine Phytoplankton Winter Drops


Boost Your Health and Energy Levels Naturally in Winter with Ethos Marine Phytoplankton Mineral Drops.

Do you regularly feel tired even if you have not done much physical exercise? It happens to many people, especially as they age. If you have trouble sleeping, you may wake up tired and things don’t improve through the day. There are naturally manufactured products that will boost your energy levels with regular use. Their source is microscopic, phytoplankton that is at the bottom of the food chain in our oceans and seas. In recent years, a syndrome has been identified that covers the tiredness problem some of the population suffer from.

“Chronic fatigue syndrome” is a problem even in the most developed countries in the world. Take for example the USA. Government data identifies 3.3 million citizens suffering from it. The source of the information is the chronic diseases branch at the U.S. Centres of Disease Control and Prevention which looks at sufferers of long covid among other things. The true figure may be many more because many people see now treatment for it and therefore do not seek help.

“Chronic fatigue syndrome” can last for several months. It does not just disappear by resting. It seems that people may be taking longer to recover from medical issues than previously thought. The problem is slightly more prevalent in females, in white people and the poorer sections of the population.

In today’s busy life, some people make the excuse that there is no time to shop for fresh produce and cook meals, especially when there is the excuse of ready meals that just need a few minutes in a microwave. That is a very short-sighted view because you will be thereby consuming far more salt and sugar that you should be on a daily and weekly basis.
If you wonder why there is the talk about a Mediterranean diet being healthy, it is precisely because dishes use fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil with less red meat than in other parts of the world. There is plenty of flavour in the dishes typical of this region of the world.

There is no reason why you cannot improve your health by improving your diet. Supplements such as those including phytoplankton will add to your overall health and consequently quality of life. Don’t kid yourself that you are too busy to change your lifestyle. You will find you will have more energy and become more active. Now you will become too busy to actually feel tired, and you will probably sleep better as well.

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