My Dog went Blind over night


Amber Lowe – Luton - 24th March 2016

Has your Vet told you that a diabetic dog can lose his sight overnight? Yes, literally overnight

While BOO aged 8 (Bichon Frise) was enjoying our daily walk she started bumping into street objects and falling off curbs. He couldn’t see and wimping.

I rushed her to a emergency clinic in town, not realizing the sight loss had anything to do with the diabetes which was diagnosed 18 months ago. The vet discovered that his blood sugar was dangerously low. It was then that I realized BOO needed more specialized care than our local vet could provide.

The next morning I made appointments with two canine ophthalmologist specialists in London at a price but worth every penny.

Sadly, the eye doctor confirmed that BOO had lost most of her vision in one eye, whist the other one was 50% good.

My partner Adam and I never knew diabetic dogs can go to sleep fully sighted and wake up blind or visual impaired the next day. It may not always happen that fast, but it can it was such a shock.

Unfortunately, dog lovers owners must prepare for the likely possibility of blindness due to cataract/blindness formation overnight or with dogs with cataracts already.

However, vision can usually be restored through surgical removal of the cataracts, but BOO has high blood pressure and we can not afford treatment. Ethos Schweiz Pet Bright Eyes Cataract Eye Drops are another option for prevention or as a treatment – Two boxes done four to go and we have seen an improvement in the good eye - Thank you to date.

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