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Bright eyes for pets:
‘My cat dribbles started suffering from cataracts 2 years ago and it really had worsened. My friend Louise told me about ethos heaven and how they had helped her dog, so I ordered dribbles 20ml of the Bright Eyes cataracts drops for pets and dribbles responded really well to the natural treatment. I’m so happy and so is dribbles.

Becky wood

Bright eyes for humans:
‘my eyes started to blur just over 6 months ago now and my eyes are extremely sensitive to car headlights, I figured something was wrong and went to the optometrist about my eyes and he said I was in a very early stage of developing cataracts. I really didn’t like the sound of surgery and NEEDED another option... Ethos Heaven gave me that! I ordered some bright eye cataract drops and hoped the for the best.

After using the drops for 4 weeks, the progress my eyes have made is crazy! The strain on my eyes isn’t as bad and I think if I carry on with the course it will make a huge difference to not only my eyes but my life too.

Eleanor White

‘I really started struggling with reading and as I’m 60 I know what that can mean. AMD… I was diagnosed with AMD and needed some support and advice. I started searching online and found Ethos Heaven and there very helpful team. They pointed me in the right direction (what course to complete with their natural products). I have ordered bright eye drops for AMD and will update you with my results in a few weeks. Thanks ethos for being so supportive.

Gary Scorah

‘I was constantly going to the hospital and opticians about my eyes and the glaucoma really started to get me down after a while, I’m 62 and I really didn’t need the stress of it all. Ethos Heaven was suggested to me by one of my closest friends and I trusted her, so decided to give ‘Bright Eye Drops for Glaucoma’ a chance. I waited a few weeks and to my surprise, I DID notice a massive change in my vision and I didn’t have to attend as many hospital appointments. It really cleared up!

Give Ethos Heaven a chance, they’re amazing and helpful 


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