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If you have been diagnosed with an incurable disease, then we are very sorry, but also, we appreciate your strength. These days will be tough, but with effort, you can make the most out of this time and spend your days with the ones you love. If you have just been diagnosed, then you will want to make a plan for what to do next so you can support yourself and your family. Here at Ethos Heaven, we want to help you during these uncertain times, so we have some tips for what to do next to prepare and thrive

Get Help

Depending on your disease, you may have some pain and discomfort during these last weeks, months, or years, so you need to enlist the help you need. You can start by getting your family involved Have them assist with tasks that are not easy right now, like going grocery shopping, watching your children, or going to the pharmacy to get any required medication.

In addition to your family, you can also find support groups where you can talk to therapists or other people who are dealing with the same disease. There is a group for just about any illness, including The C Word and HIV. There are also general support groups and resources for other diseases that you may have.

This may also be a good time to search out the people that you have lost touch with over the years. One way to see all of them is to plan a multi-day road trip where you can meet old friends and see amazing sights.

As you are likely to have to keep track of several financial documents, it may be wise to invest in an easy-to-use bookkeeping system. It can help you keep tabs on key financial information, making life less stressful.

Move To A New Home

If you have a disease that makes it harder to get around or you want to live closer to a hospital or a nearby clinic, then you may want to consider moving to a new home. Depending on how much time you have, you will want to do plenty of research so you can find a house that will suit your needs.

For instance, if you will be less mobile, you may want to find a house that has a wheelchair ramp or a place where a ramp can be installed. You may also want to consider adding handrails in the bathroom and kitchen if you need assistance there

Once you do find a home, you will want to apply the same due diligence when it comes to finding movers, especially if you cannot do it yourself. Follow these steps

●Research multiple moving companies and see what they offer.
●Look the company up online and read real customer reviews to get an understanding of how the company does business.
●Ask for quotes from your narrowed-down list so you can get the best price.

Due to how stressful this time can be, it’s important to make your home as stress-free an environment as possible. Try to maximize natural light and minimize clutter. It can be helpful to have some indoor plants as well. Taking up a meditation practice can also reduce your stress levels.

Make Final Arrangements

This may also be a good time to make some arrangements for your final days and guidance for your family so they know what to do once you pass. Start by getting your paperwork in order. Speak to a lawyer and finalize your will, any advance directives, and your do not resuscitate (DNR) and do not intubate (DNI) orders in the case that you fall into a coma or can no longer make your own decisions. You should keep both physical and digital copies of these documents. This will ensure you always have access to these documents when necessary

You may not want to think about this now, but if you want your wake and funeral to go a certain way, then you may want to make some of the arrangements now or provide detailed guidance for your family so they set everything up just right.

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