Snake Oil or NOT


Question on Our Facebook page from Jackie Adams

i have prednisolone induced cataracts in otherwise perfect eyes with no vision issues such as short or long sight - i just wondered if you have any statistics on success rates? any improvement would be welcome and im verging on buying these eye drops.

Beata says

Cataract surgery is the only way forward as Eye drops are snake oil and not FDA approved!

Jackie replies

hi Beata thanks for your input - actually i did buy because my cataracts are really bad - both eyes right in the centre of the lens - peripheral vision is perfect - when i look at things its like a layer or candlewax or thru lace net curtains! so it arrived and i thought oh well lets try it - well indeed! from the very first application - just a single drop in each eye - my vision improved - im stunned actually as i did not expect this. ive used 3 days now and the massive glare and radiance i experience has totally gone - i can see the letters on this as i type with no blotted view through spectacles - im not wearing any! paying out £60 for a couple little bottles is a lot of money for me to spend every few weeks - but if it works??? i will keep on spending - ive got a consultant review in about 10 weeks so i will continue until then and see if the cataracts have actually reduced. whether they have or they havent there is something affecting my eyes for the better. its really lifted my moood!!! im nothing to do with this company and not promoting anything for anyone. im impressed and amazed really and truly!

Ethosheaven says

Beata lots of people can not afford surgery, maybe too old, maybe other health complications, massive waiting lists, scared of going under the knife etc etc Having a choice on and your circumstances is better than not.

Thank you Jackie - some people people call it snake oil - some people have thanked us for the for giving back the gift of vision and life. We do not hard sell - The reviews and testimonials online are from genuine people... I am afraid not in all circumstances everyone and there pets will get positive results, just like any other product for health on the market FDA approved or not. Lifestyle changes in diet, health and attitude whist following the Ethos guidance will play a major factor in your road to recovery. Regards Ethos.

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