The Apple of your Fathers Eye


With Father’s Day approaching ever since I can remember, I’ve been told I was the apple of my daddy’s eye. When I was growing up. I learned that the apple of the eye is the pupil of the eye and that this saying was actually a word picture about relationship. It’s a picture of being so close to someone that you can see yourself reflected in the pupil of their eye.

The health of your grandparents, father, mother and siblings’ eyes is very important. Yes, it’s an obvious statement but it is easy to take your vision for granted. If you talk to someone whose vision is starting to fail, and they need ever stronger glasses to be able to see the television clearly and have given up on seeing anything much at a distance, perhaps you will change your mind? Certainly, eyesight can begin to fail with age, and eyes become increasingly prone to a series of fairly common diseases but there is something you can do for yourself to guard against or delay any problems.

Regular eye tests and advice from the medical profession are definitely things to do but between tests you can provide your eyes with nutrients through vision supplements just as you seek vitamins and minerals from the food that you eat. It is not a matter of taking ‘’medicine’’ to cure a problem. The process is helping to prevent the onset of any problems. Naturally formulated eyedrops are easy to apply, each order comes with instructions on application which is quick and simple.

Several vitamins will help the health of your eyes; Vitamins C and E spring to mind immediately while calcium, omega 3 and folic acid are all beneficial. You can find eyedrops that have undergone testing and passed the ‘’test’’ to help build their reputation. An age -related eye disease study by the National Eye Institute highlighted that Vitamins C and E together with zinc helped reduce the chances of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in some people and slowed the rate of development in others. Omega 3 and carotenoids like lutein are also important. Antioxidant deficiency can also lead to dry eye syndrome so lubricating the eyes with eyedrops that have established a good reputation makes even more sense.

Similarly, you should try to minimize the strain that your eyes are under each day. That means trying to avoid their having to work in dim light as well as protecting them from glare; bright sunlight can damage eyes which is an overwhelming reason to wear sunglasses and even sit in the shade even if you want to get a suntan. If you spend too much time looking at a computer screen or a smart phone, you are in danger of straining your eyes. Take a regular break!

A healthy diet and exercise are certainly something that a doctor will always advise to keep in shape. Exercise can be gentle but regular while in terms of diet, if you avoid processed foods, you will not be consuming harmful levels of sugar and salt that are inevitably in such items. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and white meat should be central to your diet as you avoid fizzy drinks and too many sweets and desserts.

None of the things that you need to consider to maintain your overall health and your vision involve any real sacrifice. Eat healthily and use eye drops as frequently as advised and you won’t ‘’see’’ the difference because it is likely that your eyes will stay in good condition, and you will know nothing else.

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