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Pets age just as we do. “Man’s best friend”, your dog, needs plenty of exercise, both walking on a lead but also open spaces in order to be able to run. Dogs are long term companions with most breeds certain to reach ten years of age, and some quite a few years more.

They do however become less active with age, and it is not just their bodies which are affected. Dogs are susceptible to the same eye problems that face humans. The difference is that they are reliant on their owners realising there are problems. After all, they can’t talk! The comedy hit “Strays” is just fiction!

Cataracts develop slowly but if you get the feeling that your dog’s eyesight is not what it was, look at its eyes closely. If they are beginning to look opaque, that may well be a sign of cataracts. While they are not life threatening, they will seriously affect your pet’s vision so you should act. If you approach your vet, you will get confirmation of any problems.

In an ideal world, you will be visiting your vet to get regular check-ups for your pet so no condition should develop too much before you are aware of the problem. Some dog breeds are more susceptible than others. Spaniels, retrievers and poodles are popular breeds and amongst the most likely to suffer from cataracts.

A healthy diet will counter many of the issues your dog faces while naturally formulated eye drops will definitely help prevent problems occurring. In addition, it is a much cheaper solution to cataracts than surgery which by definition is invasive and often expensive. While you are likely to have insurance for your pet, it is unlikely that your policy will completely cover the costs of surgery even if you think your dog is strong enough to undergo the procedure.

If your dog is getting past what is regarded as middle age for your breed, it is worth taking a look at its eyes on a regular basis. You should also note any sign that its vision is deteriorating. Eye drops for pets are specially formulated to counter things such as cataracts and while they cannot completely eradicate cataracts that have already developed, they can certainly ease the condition by shrinking them. They are easy to apply and they are readily available from ethosheaven or ethos natural pet health wholesalers and distributors.

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