Why Choose Eye Drops Over Surgery


Cataracts affects many people all over the world, as we age our chances of developing the eye disease increase and our changing society and habits are also affecting how likely we are to develop cataracts. If you are unlucky enough to develop cataracts then catching it early enough is key to having successful treatment.

Treatment for cataracts ranges from eye drops and medicines to surgery depending on how developed the cataracts are and what other treatments have been tried before. Whilst eye drops are easy, quick and often successful, cataract surgery is an invasive procedure that can have multiple complications and whilst the surgery too is often successful, it comes with many risks.

The surgery procedure itself involves incisions being made in the eye lens to remove the cataract infected eye lens and it is then replaces by inserting an artificial lens called an intraocular lens. Although these operations are often successful, there are many risks and complications that you should be aware of before having this type of surgery. Complications can range from minor problems such as swelling to worst case scenario of losing your sight. Infections are possible if contaminated tools are used or aftercare isn’t properly carried out which can lead to bleeding in the eye. Some other complications that you should be aware of include retinal detachment and the intraocular lens becoming dislocated. Having surgery can also run up extensive fees and costs making the whole process a very expensive one.

Eye drops however are a non-invasive and just as effective form of treatment whilst also being well without most people’s budget. Although they take longer to show results than having surgery, most patients choosing eye drops instead of surgery see results after just 6 weeks. By starting an eye drops course as early as possible, the condition is completely manageable and curable. Eye drops are easy to use and can be applied anywhere and at any time, if you do struggle to apply them we have eye drop applicators to make it as easy as possible.

Our Ethos Bright Eyes Cataracts Drops are made from 100% organic ingredients to make the product as beneficial to the body as possible as well as prevent allergic reactions as there is no formulated and unnatural ingredients for the body to reject. They are 100% sterile and 100% hypoallergenic and safe to use by diabetics, contact lens wearers and vegetarians. Our research over the past years has led us to our current formula for our eye drops which we believe is the best for cataracts available on today’s market. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done and the large number of people we have helped with our products.

Before you plan to have cataract surgery, know that there are other options that are cheaper and less traumatic. If you are unsure about what options you have when combating your cataracts talk to us and we can help you! Be sure to check out our website for full details of all of our products including our products for cataracts.

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