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Cricket Eyes Age and Cataracts

Top professional sportsmen need very good eyesight, especially those who need to pick up the flight of a moving ball quickly. There is no doubt that the Indian Premier League (IPL) has firmly established itself on the world’s sporting calendar. Top cricketers from all over the world join more

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Dogs and Pets with Cataracts

We all know that caring for our beloved pets can become quite costly especially as they get older. Why would we want to treat them any differently to us humans, after all they are still a part of the family. One thing that is most common especially in older dogs is developing cataracts. This really more

Ethos Supplement Your Pets Years

Pets are parts of the family. At times, a pet dog is the main companion and friend that those living alone will have. It stands to reason that everyone will want their pets to have a long and healthy life and therefore provide all the vitamins and minerals in their diets that will help them stay more

Diet Tips for Pain-free Living

As you get old, there is every chance that you will have the odd ache or pain. It is natural that your limbs will stiffen with age. If you have had a very active sporting life for example, perhaps your knee joints take a while to work properly after you get out of bed? If you sit for long periods, more

Happy Ethosheaven Fathers Day

The Benefit of Supplements for improved Vision including Eyes Drops for Cataracts for Mums and Dads The health of your eyes is very important. Yes, it’s an obvious statement but it is easy to take your vision for granted. If you talk to someone whose vision is starting to fail, and they need more

Pet Inactivity and Eye Problems

Most pets can’t talk; perhaps you parrot does a little but that doesn’t equate to being able to talk about health and vision problems. As a pet owner, you need to be conscious of your pet’s health and that means understanding signs that something may be wrong. When it comes to active pets, more

Sleep with the Fishes

Marine phytoplankton is mentioned at the times when people are discussing superfoods or how the ever-increasing world population can feed itself. Huge numbers of the world’s population have little choice in the decision. They will have to try to feed themselves as their forefathers have done by more

A Simple Way to Rejuvenate

There are health supplements on the market that have multiple benefits. When it comes to your skin, you can see if there are any blemishes. However, you cannot see inside yourself where there may be a problem or two. You can rejuvenate your skin but also your internal cells. That applies to people more

A Royal Way to Avoid Cataracts

Queen Elizabeth’s recent cataract operation highlights one of the eye diseases that commonly afflict people in their later years; cataracts if left untreated have serious problems on a person’s vision and may ultimately lead to blindness. Surgery is the ultimate solution for people who have more

Marine Phytoplankton for Dinner

Fish and chips! This is one of the most favourite meals in the UK. Some claim it is even better eaten direct from the paper. Fish is something that nutritionists recommend as part of a healthy diet though they would say that it should not be deep friend in batter too frequently. How you cook fish more

The Problems of Eye Fatigue

Eyes are precious; you need to look after them. It is easy to understand after a busy day that you can be physically tired but sometimes less easy to believe that your eyes will be tired. Believe it; your eyes do get tired, typically be spending too much time in front of a computer screen, reading more

Eyes a Window to your World

Shakespeare told us all those years ago that eyes are the windows to the soul. We are told that the eyes can tell what someone is feeling. How many times have you heard about ‘’loving eyes’’, or eyes ‘’looking lovingly?’’ Whether that is real or imagined, we all believe that eyes more

Cataracts and Preservatives

Healthy Foods without Preservatives Microalgae is at the bottom of the food chain in the seas of the world. They feed crustaceans who themselves feed and enormous amount of marine life. Think of the huge amount of life in the oceans and seas of the world and give this microalgae, marine more

Cataracts in the Eyes

Our eye health is often taken for granted. Cataracts can affect anyone of any age so we highly recommend having regular eye tests or seeing a professional ophthalmologist if you suspect you may have an eye problem.  There are many reasons why we should care for our eyes early on in life (not more

I Spy with My Little Eye

I Spy with My Little Eye ‘’I spy’’ is a children’s game though it often involves parents and everyone has plenty of fun. The idea is that someone picks an item in the room, or indeed anywhere else, that is in full view of everyone. The clue that person provides is the first letter of more

Menopause Cataracts and Eyes

The Effects of the Menopause on the Eyes Blindness is a terrible fate. In some cases, it is as problem from birth, but when it comes to analysing the onset of blindness and severe impairment, much of it is preventable. For reasons not obvious to the layman, these are conditions that are far more

Genetics & Your Eyes

She looks just like you! It’s a regular comment of friends and family looking at a new born baby. Facial similarities tend to become easier to recognise as children grow and there is no doubting resemblances among siblings and their parents. The question is how far those resemblances go. Do they more

Glaucoma can be treated with Eye Dro

Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops, pills, laser surgery, traditional surgery or a combination of these methods. The goal of any treatment is to prevent loss of vision, as vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible. Drugs to treat glaucoma are classified by their active ingredient. more

Boys and Girls Eyes Are Different

Years ago, there was an NHS leaflet using the title above. It sought to teach teenagers the ‘’facts of life’’ in a simple way and some parents may well have used them to give to their children then retreat in embarrassment to let them read. These days, such leaflets have become obsolete yet more

One Man and His Dog

Dog is a man’s best friend. A common saying but a dog is often more than a companion. The television programme ‘’One Man and his Dog’’ began over half a century ago and highlights the skills of dogs in controlling flocks of sheep. It is a skill that requires training and many a shepherd more

Sight and Sporting Activities

Hand – eye coordination is an essential element for talented sportsmen. Hard work, coaching and training are all elements in sporting success but there are limits in the absence of sheer talent in the first place. While many of the problems relating to vision come about with age after a sportsman more

Counter the Effects of Aging on Your Eye

As people age, so do every organ in their bodies. Their eyes may look no different to others but that does not mean they don’t change as well. The most obvious change is in your lenses; they lose their flexibility as you age; it is a natural process and results in your finding it more difficult more

All You Need to Know about Your Eyes

Most people take their Ethos vision for granted. Every day, there are memorable sights such as your eyes record as a matter of course. It may be something as simple as the first steps that a baby takes, a wonderful sunset or a mountain setting. Each of these images will be precious to you. Do you more

Ethos Endymion L Carnosine Powder

L carnosine occurs naturally in the body as well as being in some commons foods you consume, most notably meat. It does mean that vegans and vegetarians are likely to have less of it in their systems. It obviously plays a role in good health and exists in heart, muscles, brain and tissues. There is more

Benefits of Taking Marine Phytoplankton

Ethos Good health is the most precious thing that anyone can have. Money can never guarantee a long and happy life; with Ethosheaven good health there is a chance. Life expectancy is increasing in general and everyone should look to diet and exercise as things to achieve many happy years of more

Protecting Vision During the Summer

Protecting Your and Your Pets’ Vision during the Summer. Eyesight is precious to you family, friends and pets. Can you imagine what it would be like to find your eyesight failing? Obviously, many people have to begin to wear glasses as they age, but in the vast majority of cases, that is no more

New Reviews for Ethos Bright Eyes

Bright eyes for pets: ‘My cat dribbles started suffering from cataracts 2 years ago and it really had worsened. My friend Louise told me about ethos heaven and how they had helped her dog, so I ordered dribbles 20ml of the Bright Eyes cataracts drops for pets and dribbles responded really well more

Eyes with Blurry Vision

Few people retain 20/20 vision throughout their lives. Eyesight does deteriorate with #age, but that is not to say that you need to accept it as normal, certainly when there is no obvious reason for the rate of deterioration. If you are beginning to struggle to read during daylight hours, you more

Dogs with Cherry Eye

Cherry Eye is a nasty looking condition that dogs can contract and can be treated successfully with Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Pets. It appears as a red mass coming from the eye and will not go away without treatment. Its causes are not fully understood but it results from weakness in tissue more

Dogs and Pets with Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition suffered by humans and animals which can be treated and controlled with Ethos Bright Eyes Eye drops for Glaucoma. Your pets are dependent upon you to recognize that they have a problem. Glaucoma can become well-established in your pet’s eye or eyes before you discover more

Dogs with Eye Stye

Dogs with Styes are painful as well as irritating. They are common in humans and animals and develop fairly rapidly. One Box of Ethos Revital Eyes should clear the stye and prevent it reoccurring. The common cause is a bacterium called Staphylococcus Aureus which can be present even on healthy more

Dogs Dry Eye Conjunctivitis Pink Eye

Pink Eye is not an especially serious condition but eyes are fragile and vision so important to your pet dog. If he or she develops Dry Eye Conjunctivitis it will often go away without treatment in around a week, or sometimes slightly longer. It manifests itself in swelling of the membrane that more

Dogs with Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This disease in dogs is inherited; the cells in the retina will die. It is a painless condition that will develop in both eyes at the same time what can be treated with Ethosheaven Bright Eyes Drops. It is something that can happen to all breeds though the most likely are Old English Mastiffs, more

Dogs with Eye Discharge

Pets Eye Discharge information You should always keep a check on your pet dog’s health and that includes any signs of problems with their eyes. Some are obvious, some not so. When it comes to discharge from the eyes, that is fairly obvious and you need to check with your vet because there more

New Review 18 March 2018

Stephen Pearson This product actually works I was told I had cloudy lenses it has now gone. What do I need to do now just maintenance of 3 drops per day ? Answer:- Yes, once you are happy with your visual Improvement we recommend 2-4 drops a day for maintenance Love Ethos heaven Team more

Macular Degeneration AMD Eye Drops

AMD is one of the main causes of losing your sight. It is a problem that affects millions of people and unfortunately, there is no defined treatment that is guaranteed to solve the problem. It is caused by the central portion of the retina deteriorating. The back layer of the eye records the images more

Eye Floaters Flashes and Spots Info

Eyesight is very precious. You may take it for granted but you need to look after your eyes just as carefully as your overall health. There are many conditions of the eye that can cause temporary or more permanent impairment. Life would be so different if you fall prey to something that causes you more

Blurry Vision and Ethos Eye Drops

Few people retain 20/20 vision throughout their lives. Eyesight does deteriorate with age, but that is not to say that you need to accept it as normal, certainly when there is no obvious reason for the rate of deterioration. If you are beginning to struggle to read during daylight hours, you should more


Cataracts are a significant problem in today’s world. There are differing ways to treat them with drugs that can dissolve them an ideal solution. Cataracts are widespread in developing nations, often in youngsters. Their lives could be transformed if they could simply be dissolved. Forget the more

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