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Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma

Bright Eyes - Glaucoma (Very Effective) My dad started seeing results from the very next day. We couldn't believe it was so effective. We highly recommend. New Ebay more

Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs

‘As your pet grows older, their eyes can become a major concern. Our beloved animals may begin to develop cataracts. At Ethos Heaven, we treat cataracts amongst many other conditions which may develop within the eye. Cataracts is a clouding of the eye's natural lens, which lies behind the iris more

Types of Cataracts in Humans and Pets

EthosHeaven Brights Eyes Drops can be used on the more

The Results are in No Surgery Needed

Erin Hunter - Dec 2017 New review on Facebook page My doctor has confirmed the results are in... I have my cataracts diminished. I use the drops once [for the 6 weeks] a year to keep my vision going. No surgery needed. I am praising God [YHWH is his name] for raising up a generation of doctors more

New Testimonial

Hi Ethosheaven Bright Eyes Team, I received the new bottles of Bright Eyes you sent today. THANK YOU SO MUCH for going the extra mile. They are super fantastic ...I am so happy with the amazing lubricating feeling I will be ordering many more bottles off you. Now I understand what everyone more

Latest Testimonials on Ethos Eye Drops

One really Happy Customer This was my second order for Bright Eyes eye drops, as before my order arrived very quickly indeed. I consider this to be a wonderful product and a beacon of hope for cataract sufferers like my elderly mother. My mother's cataract is slowly improving and she is very more

New Testimonial for Dog Eye Drops

robert burchell - May2017 Hi there, Just to let you know that even before 1 week has lapsed; I am seeing dramatic reduction in my dog's cataract. It's gone from a streak across the eye to a central dot and it looks like its dissipating. Having the vet check tonight... she is also very surprised more

Fruit and Veg for your Eyes

A sweet morning smoothie with a blend of fruit and veggies. It will wake you up in morning and benefit your more

Ethos Carnosine Powder

Ethos Carnosine Powder is a unique supplement that replaces the natural carnosine that our bodies stop producing as we age. Our bodies produce carnosine by themselves which helps our bodies to prevent and fight any disease that attempts to take hold in the body. However as we age the level of more

Bright Eyes AMD Capsules

Bright Eyes AMD Capsules are a supplement that contain zeaxanthin and lutein which helps to replace and replenish the macular pigment in the eye. As we age, the macular in our eyes starts to diminish which can lead to visions impairments such as distorted and blurred vision. Although most macular more

Marine Phytoplankton Super Nutrition

Marine Phytoplankton Super Nutrition has recently been developed after the discovery of marine plankton. Many medical experts have been shocked by its incredible healing qualities and high success rates when treating those with chronic illnesses and health conditions. This nutrition supplement more

Ethos Mega Focus for Optimal Eye Health

Ethos Mega Focus Spray is a supplement that contains 24 of super nutrients for the body to absorb. It has been developed in the form of a droplet not only for ease when taking the product as some people find it hard to take tablets, but also because this method of application allows the product to more

Pure Ethos Elan Vital for Pets

Ethos Elan Vital for Pets uses only 100% pure products to improve your pet’s health. This amazing health supplement helps to reduce the signs of ageing in your pets by rejuvenating the body cells. In order to do this, Elan Vital works by replacing the Ignotine that the body has stopped or slowed more

Ethos Elan Vital Anti Ageing Powder

Ethos Elan Vital Anti-Ageing Rejuvenation powder replaces the Ignotine that the body fails to produce. Ignotine is a molecule natural found and produced in the body in major organs such as the kidneys, brain cells, heart and muscles and is made up of amino acids. Although our body naturally more

Bright Eyes Eye Drops for AMD

Age related macular degeneration or AMD for short, is a progressive disease that attacks the macular in the eye. This in turn affects the central vision which is the part of the eye that is key for clear vision. When the central vision is compromised, everyday activities become more challenging more

Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma

Glaucoma, often referred to as the silent thief of sight due to having no symptoms in its early stages, affects millions of people every year. Although it is more common in older patients, it can also affect those who are younger and often isn’t diagnosed until late in its development. We more

Always Act Quickly!

There are many common eye disease that can result in permanent damage if left untreated which can be partial loss of sight or even full sight loss. However, most eye diseases have various stages of progression and the earlier it is caught, the better the chance of fighting it. Just some of the more

Common Myths About Your Eyes

How many times have you been that doing or not doing something will cause damage to your eyes? Today we’re going to look at common myths that are told surrounding eye health! First on our list is that carrots make you see in the dark. Although carrots are high in vitamins such as vitamin A that more

Ethos Incredible Veggie Capsules

Along with many of our products, Ethos Veggie Capsules enhance your general health and welling. They help the body to fight diseases and combat against serious heart conditions. Each of our products have many benefits but each also specifically targets a certain type of disease. This product more

Helping you to reach your health goals

Many people have a health or fitness goal that they want to reach for a number of different reasons and by different dates. Some people aim to have that perfect beach body, some to be able to run 5 kilometres and some to improve general health. Whatever your goals, Ethos products can help. All more

Does age increase your risk of disease

Many people are physically healthy as they age and from the outside it seems that their bodies are capable of fighting off any disease. However, although you may seem and feel perfectly healthy, inside our bodies our cells are slowing down. As the body ages, our cells start to cells start to more

Common eye diseases in dogs

Dogs, a man’s best friend, can unfortunately suffer from a number of different eye problems. We have previously published a blog post on the most common eye diseases to look out for in cats however they differ from what is common in dogs. Of course our beloved four legged friends, unless obvious more

Improve your eyes with food

Our eyes are one of, if not the most, important and precious part of the body. As the most commonly used of all the 5 senses that we have, many of us rely heavily on our sight and cannot imagine life without it. Therefore it is important to do everything that we can to help and maintain our eyes. more

Maximise your pets results

As part of our services to customers we provide a follow up service with advice and information about our products. We pride ourselves on our customer service and do everything we can to make sure that you get the best from our products. As part of the Ethos group we like to make sure that our high more

Bright Eyes Drops Aftercare

Our products have helped a number of people with many different eye problems and we try our best to help you to get the most out of our products. As well as using the product itself correctly and using the right amounts at the best times, there are many other ways in which you can get the best from more

Applying Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Cataracts have been proven to help those who suffer from cataracts when used correctly, our feedback and statistics that we collect show that 79% of customers see a significant improvement in the first 6-8 weeks of use. There are a few ways to ensure that you use our more

Common Eye Issues for Cats

When we think of animals developing cataracts, glaucoma or other eye diseases, we often only think about dogs. However most mammal animals are able to develop these common eye diseases. Today we are going to take a look at the eye diseases that cats most commonly develop. Although there are more more

Change Your Diet To Change Your Eyes

The figure for those suffering with cataracts is increasing rapidly and now more people than ever have the eye condition. It is also become apparent that the age of those affected is becoming younger and younger. Therefore we must do all that we can to prevent cataracts. One of the easiest ways more

How Well Do You Know Your Own Eyes

Our eyes are one of the most precious parts of our body’s and one of the most important senses. Not only are they beautiful, but they provide us with one of life’s greatest gifts; sight. As you will know, our products are dedicated to helping you to achieve and maintain a healthy body and more

Why Choose Eye Drops Over Surgery

Cataracts affects many people all over the world, as we age our chances of developing the eye disease increase and our changing society and habits are also affecting how likely we are to develop cataracts. If you are unlucky enough to develop cataracts then catching it early enough is key to having more

Do You Know Your Eyes and Family History

Many diseases and common disorders are partly or fully hereditary meaning that if someone in your family has suffered with a particular disease then you are at an increased risk of developing the same disease. It is very important to be aware of your family’s medical history in order to see what more

Ethos Marine Phytoplankton Gold 5 Stars

Ethos Marine Phytoplankton Gold is a more concentrated and therefore higher quality version of our normal Ethos Marine Phytoplankton. It is cultivated, grown and harvested in large phyto-reactors which means that we can monitor the growth and ensure that each batch is of the highest quality. This more

Bright Eyes Miracle Cataract Drops

Cataracts affects millions of people worldwide every year. The condition, which leaves the eye lens with a cloudy look and affects vision, is the leading cause of blindness across the globe. Cataracts occur when the proteins in the eyes lens start to clump together. These proteins are essential for more

Ethos Eye Health Your NewYear Resolution

As we head into another year, many of you will be making New Year resolutions, small changes to your daily life that will give you a healthier eyes, body and mind. Are you thinking of learning to drive, eat healthy or exercise a bit more this year? Why not consider making eye health your new more

Ethozyme Health Enhancing Veggie Capsule

It has been proven that Ethozyme, a natural health supplement, can greatly enhance the quality off a persons health as well as fighting many fatal diseases including thrombosis, atherosclerosis, plaque formation in the arteries, and cardio vascular disease. This specifically formulated health more

Ethos Anti Ageing Tahitian Tamanu Oil

Ethos Tahitian Tamanu Oil is a luxurious rich in anti-ageing properties. This 100% pure face and body oil is being used around the world to help slow the process of ageing. Sourced from Tamanu trees in Tahiti, it is often referred to as ‘green gold’ due to its unique abilities. The oil has more

Marine Phytoplankton Super Nutrition

Whilst some species of Phytoplankton were discovered as early as 1980; Marine Phytoplankton Super Nutrition is a recently discovered nutrition. The micro-algae supplement is found in the ocean and is actually a key source of food for sea animals as well humans. Many of you may not have heard about more

What is AMD?

Many people may have a friend or family member that are suffering from the disease but most people don’t know much about it. Age-Related Macular Degeneration or AMD for short is a disease that blurs the central vision in the eye which in turn causes difficulty with many daily tasks including more

Exposure to UV Radiation

The past 15 years or so has seen a big increase in the awareness of and protection against sunlight and the damage that it can do. Sun cream sales have increased dramatically and constant reminders in the form of adverts, articles and warnings are seen telling us to cover up, wear protection and more

Cataract patients are getting younger

For a long time, developing cataracts has had a strong link with the body ageing. There are many factors that can increase you chance of developing cataracts including diabetes, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, obesity, high blood pressure and any previous eye injury as well as old age. more

Bright Eyes Drops for Glaucoma

N-Acetyle-Carnosine or NAC for short is a natural compound that has recently been found to help with the treatment of Glaucoma. NAC occurs naturally in our bodies and has a large impact on how the body repairs itself. This compound is found inside our muscle tissue in the heart, kidneys, lungs, more

What is Ethos Endymion Powder?

One of the main features of Ethos Endymion Powder is that is contains a naturally produced product called L-Carnosine. The body naturally produces Carnosine, in high levels in your younger years but unfortunately, the levels of production decrease as the body ages. Developing cataracts is often an more

Everything to know about Elan Vital!

Many of you have probably seen our Elan Vital products but may not know exactly what they are, if you haven’t heard of this new supplement before or are just not sure what it is then all shall be explained today! One of the most advanced health supplements currently on today’s market; more

Developing depression with cataracts

Recently research has been conducted which has shown that those suffering with a cataract, especially elderly people, are much more likely to become depressed. A cataract develops into clouding of the eye lens as a disease sets in which leads to impaired vision as well as a number of other more

Are you at risk?

Many people develop cataracts in their eye's and for many different reasons, we've put together some of the most common factors that dramatically increase you chances. -Getting older, unfortunately the natural ageing process also increases your chances of cataracts as your eyes become more

Facts about your eyes

1. Each blink last on average 1/10th of a second. 2. Your eyes are one of the quickest parts of the body to heal and can heal a scratch to the cornea in just 48 hours. 3. Roughly 39 million people in the world are completely blind. 4. An eye weighs approximately 7.1 grams. 5. If someone is born more

Dogs with Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the world’s leading cause of vision loss. Both humans and animals are affected by the disease however if it is prevented or caught early enough, you can often prevent permanent or serious damage. If left untreated then vision loos is almost certain. Glaucoma causes pressure to build more

How to apply eye drops to your pet

Cataracts, Glaucoma and many other eye problems can leave you precious pet in pain and discomfort. If the condition develops then they can also be left needing a not only expensive, but very stressful operation to try and cure them. Our advice is to try and prevent the condition developing to that more

What causes cataracts in dogs?

Cataracts can be caused by a number of different things from disease to obesity, there isn’t a way to completely prevent your animal from developing one and it is hard to predict if they will or not. However, there are some causes that do have a large impact on getting a cataract and the severity more

Black Friday sale 10percent off

In the run up to Christmas this year we have decided to join the black Friday sales! This year, on the famously named ‘black Friday’, Thursday 24th, we are giving you a huge 10% of any order. If your dog is suffering from cataracts, if you have an animal with dry eyes or if you yourself have more

Dogs suffering with cataracts

Unfortunately, thousands of dogs suffer every year with cataracts, the word cataract actually refers to the cloud like affect that is often seen with the condition. This visible effect is the infection in the crystalline lens of the eye. Some dogs are born with the problem and some develop more


What is a more

Ethos Bright eyes drops for pets

Thank you for recent custom of Ethos Bright Eyes Drops, as part of the Ethos Group customer care follow up service, I am obliged as an authorised reseller of bright eye drops for pets to give you a follow up message and further advice using the drops. Each ethos eye drop box for pets comes with more

Ethos Marine Phytoplankton

NEW Ethos Marine Phytoplankton Gold (EMP Gold) 'Nannochloropsis Gaditana' is 100% Organic and the very best highest quality natural ocean plankton harvested that you can purchase anywhere in the world. Marine Phytoplankton can be used for cooking, juicing, health supplement and a beauty more


Ethos Jamu Heaven The Ancient Indonesian Art of Herbal Healing for Health and Beauty Jamu is a traditional herbal medicine made from natural materials such as plants, roots, leafs, bark and fruit:-all of which help maintain good health and longevity of life. Indonesians and other native SE more

Prevention is better

There are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk of developing cataracts: Wear CE-marked sunglasses to reduce your eyes’ exposure to the sun’s UV rays Cease smoking and heavy alcohol consumption Keep your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check Have a more

Cataract Prevention is better

Prevention is better… There are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk of developing cataracts: Wear CE-marked sunglasses to reduce your eyes’ exposure to the sun’s UV rays Cease smoking and heavy alcohol consumption Keep your weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in more

Now on Bonanza in USA


10 Glaucoma facts

1.It is known Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness across the world It is estimated that three million Americans and 9 million Europeans have the disease, but only half know they have it. 2. Most people don’t know they have glaucoma Glaucoma happens so gradually at any age, a more

Facts You Probably Didnt Know About

Eyes: 15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Them You’ve had your peepers since you were born, so you may think you know them pretty well, but here are some fun facts you may not know about eyes: The average blink lasts for about 1/10th of a second. While it takes some time for most more

Cataract Treatment Denied

The cataracts crisis is 'going to get worse': Former health minister says denying surgery is 'indefensible' and warns NHS is heading towards a 'financial meltdown' Norman Lamb MP said the existing situation was 'indefensible' Said UK's spending on health had 'fallen well behind' European more

What causes Cataracts

Cataracts are responsible for 51% of global blindness more than 50 percent of people over the age of 60 suffer from cataracts. Aside from age, other possible cataract risk factors include: Intense heat or long-term exposure to the sun's UV rays Diabetes Obesity High blood more

5 Cataract Myths

Myth #1: Cataracts only affect seniors. It is true that cataracts are very common in older people, and that most cataracts are related to aging. By age 80. In fact, people can have an age-related cataract in their 40s and 50s. Myth #2: Cataracts are just a part of aging and there’s nothing more

Nutrients for Healthy Eyes

Beta Carotene: - Food Source - Carrots, Kale, Sweet potatoes, Spinach, Squash, Blueberries Selenium: - Food Source - Sea food (Shrimp, Crab, Salmon) Brazil nut, Brown Rice Omega 3 Fatty Acid: - Food Source - Cold Water Fish (Salmon,Mackeral,Herring) Fish oil supplements, Ground Flax seed, more

Healthy Food for your Dog with Cataracts

Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Eye Drops for Pets & 10 Super Foods for Animal eye health especially Cataracts These super foods listed below are known to help fight eye disease and boost energy and maintains good health in general. Exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and protecting the Eyes from the more

The Holy Grail of Eye Drops

The Holy Grail of Eye Drops to Prevent, Treat Cataracts Without Surgery. Millions of people whose vision is clouded by cataracts, surgery had been the only option, but Ethos Bright Eyes Drops are able to treat, and even prevent the debilitating condition with simple eyedrops. Since 2000 this more

Top 3 Natural Remedies for Cataracts

N-acetyl-carnosine is available in eye drop form (brand name Ethos Bright Eyes). It has been found to be effective in both the prevention and treatment of cataracts. The recommended dosage is two drops, three times a day. Carnosine is a compound found naturally in your body, particularly in more

What Causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eyes can be caused by many different factors: Inflammation of the eyelids or the glands that produce tears; Previous eye infections or previous eye surgery; Low humidity, wind or forced air heating and cooling more

My Dog went Blind over night

Amber Lowe – Luton - 24th March 2016 Has your Vet told you that a diabetic dog can lose his sight overnight? Yes, literally overnight While BOO aged 8 (Bichon Frise) was enjoying our daily walk she started bumping into street objects and falling off curbs. He couldn’t see and wimping. more

Cataract Drops for Pets Advice

Each ethos bright eyes cataract eye drops box for pets comes with 2 x 5ml bottles which should last one week when treating both eyes applying 7-8 drops per day. It is recommended that a full course of 6 boxes for both eyes to last 6-8 weeks. This is the time period for the cataracts to shrink, or more

Canine Natural Cataract Treatment

If you suspect a cataract in your Dogs eyes, Do not ignore this serious condition. Canine breed, Dogs Pedigree, Age and General Health will have an impact on the likelihood of when, if or what kind of cataracts your pet develops. For example, an English bull dog is more likely to contract more

Cataracts and YOU

The Eye and your vision is among the most important parts of the body and life senses. Without quality vision, even the basic functions such as knowing your family, eating, normal every day tasks such as walking become difficult. Cataracts are one of the worst conditions your eyes can develop as more

Promo Code Discount on ALL Ethos Sales

5 Percent Discount on ALL EthosHeaven Orders using PROMO CODE DD5 Hurry - If you are buying in EUROS - CHEAPER than all other Currencies. This offer is available for Ethos Bright Eyes Drops & All other Ethos Supplements for Health With FREE DELIVERY more

Snake Oil or NOT

Question on Our Facebook page from Jackie Adams i have prednisolone induced cataracts in otherwise perfect eyes with no vision issues such as short or long sight - i just wondered if you have any statistics on success rates? any improvement would be welcome and im verging on buying these eye more

Cataract Eye Drops for all Animals

Cataracts affect humans and all animals - dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, wallabies, kangaroos etc. Unfortunately is one of the most common eye problems in pets, wildlife, cattle. Some cataracts can result in complete blindness. Many pets do well without any type of treatment but they may suffer more

Treating glaucoma with Bright Eyes Drops

Glaucoma can be treated with Ethos Bright eye drops, laser treatment or surgery. But early diagnosis is important because any damage to the eyes cannot be reversed. Treatment aims to control the condition and minimize future more

Antioxidants for Cataracts

When you use Ethos NAC bright Eyes drops for Cataracts we recommend eating your greens rich in antioxidants could help improve & save your sight by reducing the risk of Cataracts and Glaucoma. The magic ingredient for improved vision naturally is nitrates which promote good blood circulation more

Cataracts and Driving

Cataracts can make it very difficult to see many things affecting a driver such as the street signs, road conditions, other vehicles on the road and pedestrians in the road. It is possible to drive safely with cataracts. Be sure to discuss your individual issues with your health care provider to more

Ethos Bright Eyes NAC Cataract Drops

Effective At Reducing Pain And Inflammation In more

New Testimonial

Brenda.Vanbovene Dec 2015 It’s with absolute pleasure that I put down a few words about my experience with your company Ethosheaven. On purchasing the eye drops for my little dog who had been diagnosed with cataracts in her eyes. Her one eye was worse than the other and I was told that she more

Love your Eyes

In a blink of the eye everything can change - you may never know when you will have a chance again!!! more

Food and Cataracts

The best ways to reduce the cataracts while using Ethos eye drops is also to get plenty of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light, dust and household chemicals. It is also advisable to stop or cut down on drinking - a few more

Ethos Heaven Launches New Product

Ethos Marine Phytoplankton Gold 100% pure organic, perfect as dietary supplement for cooking, juicing, health & beauty. Marine Phytoplankton has astonished medical experts in recent years as an incredible human nutrition packed with everything you need to build new cells and give the body more

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