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NHS data shows they are facing rising delays admitting cataract operation with major disruption and people facing over a year-long if not longer since the pandemic started. Experts are also warning the disruption to their services was "terrifying" and would cost peoples vision and maybe the risk of more

Happy New Year Business as Normal 2021

EthosHeaven is Open for Business as Normal with Free Worldwide Delivery All orders are posted the next working day and a picture of proof of postage can be provided upon request. Any cross-border transactions may have a potential slight delay to back-log in postage due the worldwide pandemic and more

Affordable Revolutionary Eye Drops

Just a few of our happy customers feedback from December 2020 to finish a very strange year. 2021 will be our 21st year in business and hopefully a very good and healthy one for all of us. Eye drops for Cataracts Latest Testimonial Both my parents had failing eyesight as they got older, so I more

Eye Drops for Xbox & PlayStation Gamers

Ethos Heavenly Eye drops is an eye solution lubricant for instant relief for digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome from computer screens, phones, gaming and other devices that may cause eye damage. Do you or your kids love video games? Are you spending more time in front of your computer more

Relief Itchy Red Sore Eye Conjunctivitis

Ethosheaven/Heavenly Eyes have developed a new product in Switzerland that you can use yourself or apply to your child’s eyes to combat conjunctivitis. These eyedrops counter conjunctivitis that is an irritating condition which sees inflammation in the whites of the eyes. Heavenly Eyes ensure more

Eye Sight Problems Working from Home

Digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome from screens, phones, gaming and other devices may cause eye damage and maybe even cause further eye problems as you age such as Cataracts, Glaucoma or AMD In addition to increasing the risk of computer eye syndrome, excessive working from home with more

Conjunctivitis Heavenly Eye Drops

Conjunctivitis – what a nightmare!!! it will often go away without treatment in around a week, or sometimes slightly longer. It manifests itself in swelling of the membrane that lines the eye surface and eyelid. That membrane is clear normally but when infected it swells and colours. It is a more

Eye Problems with Coronavirus update

The world pandemic has caught the world by surprise. There was no reason to expect such a serious problem arising in the 21st Century and frantic attempts to control the disease and find a vaccine are ongoing. Authorities are stressing the need to socially distance, regular wash your hands more

Does my Dog have Cataracts

We encourage you to examine your pet's eyes regularly! Police dogs have their eyes tested monthly Cataracts are normally painless, but they can cause inflammation and result in permanent eye damage, and if left untreated could lead to blindness. Diagnosis of dogs and pets’ cataracts is more

Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts

Ethosheaven highly recommends seeing an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) if you suspect you may have a cataract developing. If your vision starts to develop a cloudy, blurry, fuzzy, foggy or filmy vision, cloudiness in the pupil, glare from headlights while driving at night, double vision, more

Marine Phytoplankton Powder or Capsules

The Ethos Marine Plankton is 100% Pure and Natural and the very closest you can get to how ‘Mother Nature’ intended it to be. Marine Phytoplankton provides a rare and complete food that gives the body virtually all of the raw materials that it needs, in one single source, to produce healthy more

Top 20 Cataract Risk Factors

1. Not wearing a hat or sunglasses when you are in the sun - UV Exposure 2. Overusing or not using the correct eye drops 3. Improperly treating dry eyes 4. Staring too long at a screen on your computer, mobile phone and iPads 5. Being careless with your contact lenses 6. Using old makeup - and more

Natural Enzyme Health Supplement

Ethos Ethozyme II is an all-natural enzyme health supplement, which has been specifically and scientifically formulated to provide a synergistic, all-purpose formula to greatly enhance health & well-being and fight disease. It is very beneficial for many different health conditions but is more

What treatment is available for AMD

Ethos Vision Benefits of Lutein & Zeaxanthin Bright Eyes Capsules Of the many different human senses, eyesight is probably the most highly prized, yet the majority of us take it so much for granted. Ethos is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge products to help in the fight against visual more

How to Slow Down Aging and illness

Many of Ethos Heavens products have anti-ageing properties that are able to help against the signs of ageing. There are a number of things that you can do to try and prevent the ageing effects on your body. The first thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthily and getting regular more

Cat Eye Problems Conjunctivitis

The four most eye problems that can occur in cats and can be painful and cause vision loss. It is important to be aware of eye issues that your pet may suffer from and know the symptoms. Any disease that is caught earlier is much easier to treat and recover from. First, Glaucoma is a disease that more

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops Discount

Offer Runs till 3rd July 10% off with Promo code more

Ethos Longevity of Life and Well being

Ethos Endymion L-Carnosine Powder Ethos Carnosine Powder is a unique supplement that replaces the natural carnosine that our bodies stop producing as we age. Our bodies produce carnosine by themselves which helps our bodies to prevent and fight any disease that attempts to take hold in the body. more

The Apple of your Fathers Eye

With Father’s Day approaching ever since I can remember, I’ve been told I was the apple of my daddy’s eye. When I was growing up. I learned that the apple of the eye is the pupil of the eye and that this saying was actually a word picture about relationship. It’s a picture of being so close more

Best Food to Eat With Cataracts

The figure for those suffering from cataracts is increasing rapidly and now more people than ever have the eye condition. It also becomes apparent that the age of those affected is becoming younger and younger. Therefore we must do all that we can to prevent cataracts. One of the easiest ways to more

Dont Delay a Cataract Operation

Cataracts affects many people all over the world, as we age our chances of developing the eye disease increase and our changing society and habits are also affecting how likely we are to develop cataracts. If you are unlucky enough to develop cataracts then catching it early enough is key to having more

Eye Pressure and Feet are Connected

It is impossible to put a price on good health and quality of life. There is plenty of information available from the health sector and the dangers of not exercising and eating a healthy diet. Something that is equally important as a good heart and level of fitness is your vision. Often, people more

UK Cataract Surgery Waiting Lists

In the UK, around 149,000 cataract surgeries take place in the space of 3-4 months. As lockdown nears three months, that has left thousands of people missing out on crucial surgery to correct their failing eyesight. There are now a lot of worried people at home who are gradually losing their more

Ethos Heaven VE Day Heroes

VE Day Remembering Dark Days and Offering Future Hope The end of war in Europe was a relief to all. While conflict remained for a few months in the Far East, the German surrender in Europe in May 1945 was a significant step. The world could soon begin recovery from almost six years of conflict. more

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops update

We would like to inform all our Ethosheaven and new customers that we are still open for business during these difficult times. We are practising safety guidelines. It has been challenging but we are still managing to get the orders out daily and are still offering the same “One to One’ more

Cataracts and Coronavirus

The cataracts crisis is 'going to get worse': Former health minister says denying surgery is 'indefensible' and warns NHS is heading towards a 'financial meltdown' and waiting lists and those waiting for surgery to double. Ethosheaven provide a range of Natural Health Supplements for 2020 such as more

Health as you Age is Important 2020

Ethosheaven provide a range of Natural Health Supplements for 2020 and beyond as you or your pet age to prevent and help with many illnesses and ailments. Including Marine Phytoplankton, L-Carnosine, Serrapeptase, Zeaxanthin & Lutein Capsules and Powder Ethos Schweiz Ltd has been trading since more

Damaged Eyes Australia Wildfires

Ethos Eye drops is a good way to keep your eyes clean; they will also relieve an irritation. You can get medical advice of course and. in all likelihood that advice will include the use of eye drops that have gained a reputation for the benefits they have provided for their customers. Even when more

Ethos Visionary Goals For 2020

In 2020 Ethos Heaven are here to help as many people as we can to have better vision and health, achieve your fitness goal, improve your eyesight and lifestyle for a number of different reasons and by different dates. Some people aim to have that perfect eyes and body. Some to be able to run 5 more

Dogs Common Eye Problems

Dogs, a man’s best friend, can unfortunately suffer from a number of different eye problems. We have previously published a blog post on the most common eye diseases to look out for in cats however they differ from what is common in dogs. Of course our beloved four legged friends, unless obvious more

2019 Ethos Eye Drops Testimonials

Here are just a few of the lovely feedback and testimonials we have received from customers in 2019. Thank you for your custom and we wish you the very best health in 2020. Love the Ethos Sales Team x Great customer service and advice on live chat, ordered one day and they arrived the next with more

Do Eye Drops Help with Cataracts

Cataracts are a significant problem in today’s world. There are differing ways to treat them with drugs that can dissolve them an ideal solution. Cataracts are widespread worldwide. Lives could be transformed if they could simply be controlled from growing and even dissolved naturally. Forget the more

The Health Benefits of L Carnosine

Studies on Rejuvenating Effects of L Carnosine Feedback and Studies on Ethos Endymion L-Carnosine Powder have indicated many benefits since we first started selling it back in 2000, which include: Lowers blood pressure Improves immune function High anti-oxidative qualities Converts more

What are the Best Eye Drops for AMD

Eye drops for Macular Degeneration (AMD) have become an important part of looking after your eyes. There are a number of testimonials that bear witness to the success of our Ethos Eye drops. The problem is often age-related. For that reason alone, regular eye examinations are important. Research more

We Have Happy Major illness Survivors

What a combination of Ethos Natural Health Products if taken daily to combat chronic illnesses - Sorry, we can not make no claims to tell you as the FB Police, Pharmaceutical industry and medical government bodies worldwide would shut us more

Ethos N Acetyl Carnosine Eyedrops

N-Acetyl-Carnosine eyedrops have been shown to stabilize, protect against, and even improve cataracts. Carnosine, found in muscle and brain tissue, is a dipeptide composed of the amino acids beta-alanine and histidine. Researchers have studied carnosine in its various forms for decades. Its more

Ethos Get to the Heart of the Matter

As you get older, you need to be even more conscious of the importance of diet and exercise. The risk of strokes and heart attacks increase as you reach middle age and beyond and regularly there are no warnings of them happening. Plaque builds up in your arteries as you get older but that will not more

Help Needed for a Animal with Cataracts

Ethos Heaven is currently sponsoring a wildlife sanctuary in Australia after receiving this message below to help them with a Joey with Cataracts in there care. Ethos Bright Eyes Drops over the last 20 years has had many success stories with domestic pets and animals in the wild in improving vision more

Cataract Ethos Eye Drops for Dogs Review

I am writing to you to tell you about the difference the amazing product, Ethos Bright Eyes Cataract Eye Drops for Dogs, has made to my dog Jessie and her quality of life. Jessie is a Collie X, we’re not sure what she is actually crossed with but it must have been solidly built! In the last few more

Healthy Foods with Antioxidants for Eyes

Healthy Foods High In Antioxidants for Good Vision Vitamin C Citrus fruits, Berries, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Cantaloupe Vitamin E Vegetable oils (wheat germ oil is especially rich in vitamin E), Wheat and other cereal grains, Green leafy vegetables, more

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