Ethozyme 120 Veggie Capsules

EthozymeTM is a completely natural health supplement which has been scientifically formulated to greatly enhance your well-being and to fight diseases. Used to treat a wide range of health conditions, Ethos Ethozyme has been proven to be especially effective at treating potentially life threatening stroke related diseases. A simple 6 month course of treatment can remove years of arterial plaque build up, which naturally reduces your risk of developing further serious health complaints.

Ethozyme 120 Veggie Capsules
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Strokes and heart disease are the world's most common cause of premature deaths. Cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, plaque formation in the arteries and thrombosis are all contributing factors in increasing your risk of having a stroke. But imagine if there was a natural health supplement that could combat these health conditions and greatly reduce your risk of a stroke or developing and combating heart diseases.

Ethozyme is an all-natural enzyme health supplement created using serrapeptase, formulated to enhance your well-being and fight diseases.

How Does It Work
Serrapeptase is an enzyme which digests only non-living tissue such as plaque, inflammation and blood clots. This important property means that it does not harm any living tissues and is able to be carried around our bloodstream and transferred to the sites where it is needed. This enzyme is widely used throughout Europe to treat a multitude of ailments and serious diseases from hay fever to arthritis to arterial diseases.

The late German physician Dr. Hans Nieper used serrapeptase to treat arterial blockage in his coronary patients with great success. He reported that serrapeptase dissolved blood clots and caused varicose veins to shrink, which in turn meant a greatly reduced risk of stroke.

EthozymeTM contains ingredients that can dissolve blood clots. Whilst this is usually a great health benefit there are certain specific medical conditions where this could be harmful. This product should not be used if you suffer from:

  • Any blood disorder which stops your blood from clotting e.g haemophilia
  • A stroke which has caused intercranial bleeding in the past 6 months
  • Haemorrhoids (piles)
  • Recent surgery or trauma
Take 2-4 capsules up to 4 times a day on an empty stomach. Ideally this should be 1 hour before eating.


Pablo - Italy

My health hasn't been the best for some time now. I am often ill and it takes me a long time to fully recover from even small illnesses such as a cold or mild flu. My doctor suggested taking some sort of multi vitamin or other supplement to try and boost my body's immune system and health. I had tried multivitamins many times with not much noticeable difference. Then I found ethozyme veggie capsules on ethosheaven website, I researched them for good and bad reviews but they sounded just perfect. I bought a six month course and I can happily say that my body has improved a lot, I feel a lot more energetic, a lot healthier and my body seems to fight of illness a lot quicker.

Fran - Cologne Germany

I bought the ethos ethozyme capsules because I was told by friend that they were really good for blood circulation. I had Raynaud's meaning my hands and feet get so cold that it's really painful and I can't use or move the when it happens. Over winter of course it's a lot worse and it's due to me having poor blood circulation. The capsules didn't affect this too much, I think I need to try acupuncture or something a lot stronger however I did notice that my body was a lot more energetic and things like my hair and nails were stronger and healthier.

Ellie - Croatia

I'm a vegan and sometimes my body needs a boost. The vegie capsules I got frmm bright eyes ethosnaturalhealth did exactly that. I don't need to take them all the time but when I'm feeling lethrgic or having a roogh week I take them alongside vitamin tablets.

Mark - AUS

I had a surfing accident many years ago and the trauma to my body left me with weak hart muscles which put me at a high risk of cardio vascular disease. I have to be careful with what I eat and my light daily exercise to make sure I don't put too much pressure on my heart. I started taking veggie capsules about 3 months ago and I feel that with the help of them I have been able to slowly build my body up to be stronger and cope with more. I have regular check-ups at the hospital and my doctors also say that my heart seems to be getting stronger. Hopefully with another year or too I will be able to build up my strength more and more. To be honest I am not 100% sure if its just the capsules or a combination of everything I do and take.

Rachel - Perth, Scotland

GREAT product for vegans, I absolutely love veggie capsules, they make me feel fab, A1 +++

Brittany - Los Angeles, US

My son has had breathing problems since very young, nothing extremely serious but big enough that we have to keep a constant eye on him. I heard about veggie capsules in a magazine called what the doctors don't tell you!! that said they help breathing the respiratory system. I wanted to try them with him so we bought 2months worth from lifelong products. I have to say that so far he seems to have had a really good reaction to them. He hasn't had any professional check-ups since taking them so we can't know for sure but he certainly seems to be able to run around more and generally be a child unlike before where he was out of breath after ten minutes of playing out with friends Anything that can give my child a happy childhood is amazing in my eyes.

Grace - Nottingham UK

Bright eyes ethos capsules is one of the first products I've found that I can take as I'm vegetarian that will help with my respiratory function. Most similar products on the market have some sort of meat products in which means that I can't take them. I'm a runner so I just wanted something to keep my body healthy and I really like the affect they have had so far.

Sion - Indonesia

There is a lot of cardio vascular disease in my family so I am keen to avoid it. I exercise regularly and eat healthy and I take bright eyes veggie capsules to keep me healthy and hopefully I won't develop it! I pray to god x

Dr. G. Miller

I was so weak I couldn't get out of bed. 99% at my age die with my problems. Seventy-two years young and still biting at the bit. With DVT, deep vein thrombosis in the popliteal space behind the left patella. A part of the embolism broke off and relocated in the right lobe of the left lung, 99% at my age die. 20-year fungal infection of my big toe on my left foot completely ameliorated and gone. Skin is pink and nail is normal. Energy is back and mental outlook superlative.

Thank you.

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